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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
2727996Beautiful cowZsh51807-0309-10 18:44
6432Rich and dangerousDesert Fox 00809-1009-10 17:51
2970pay!Look at stocks09-1009-10 15:40
3290wasteRemorse for ten years09-1009-10 13:59
10581twenty four3.86 check the garbage bar [laughs]Black Hawk GG08-3109-10 10:31
4580Real wasteRemorse for ten years09-1009-10 09:27
30453More regular than ECGBuffett08-1009-10 08:05
9480Is there a burst?Yx0005709-0909-09 13:09
10000Bunny and pheasantYttrium09-0909-09 09:28
13130StillRemorse for ten years09-0709-07 13:54
11640Just diving fastShareholder p08RFu09-0709-07 11:33
9890RubbishShareholder p08RFu09-0709-07 11:33
9360waste! Rubbish!Free Patis09-0709-07 11:11
7490wasteRemorse for ten years09-0709-07 10:34
9000Big fightPlay like life blog09-0709-07 10:14
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