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5210Rebound weaknessYjf121809-2809-28 03:45
8700Pull high shipmentShs86838809-2709-27 09:57
8190839 started to work hardLoud name09-2709-27 03:32
41694Haha~ Make money~!Package doll09-2509-26 23:05
15860Is this forced?Lyj88120109-2609-26 14:35
7680Run nowShareholder licg9409-2609-26 13:43
15120Wast expressionCai Ge 201409-2609-26 13:36
14830Are scattered and soldLyj88120109-2609-26 13:09
7430CoolCai Ge 201409-2609-26 11:05
18490The opportunity is comingWeaxjie09-2609-26 10:38
7400Sit steady, die flyingCai Ge 201409-2609-26 10:26
7010Buy straitWilliamsas09-2609-26 10:19
23200ReceiptCai Ge 201409-2509-25 14:58
23150Still waterCai Ge 201409-2509-25 14:42
9290Run forHXXM88809-2509-25 14:29
9600Not coming in quantityCai Ge 201409-2509-25 14:17
18121Two and a half pointsCai Ge 201409-2509-25 14:16
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