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readcommenttitleAuthorDate of publicationlatest update
54618Lock! Wash! Sudden!Trend theory07-0907-17 12:27
5251Daily limitCentral ring07-1607-17 11:55
10363Can be startedShareholder xOiXIn07-1707-17 11:38
1290Stay will show youFlash open07-1707-17 10:49
1530ClearanceSnail in front07-1707-17 10:44
1170Also set up~Snail in front07-1707-17 10:41
19363Resolutely diggingDragon god07-1707-17 10:20
2220Thoroughly washDa Vinci07-1707-17 09:47
38283Thinking and logicGuanlan River07-1607-17 07:55
4610SupremeFerretti07-1607-16 18:22
4400Finished, dead.Banchabana 107-1607-16 14:46
3760Diving...Shareholder RJlqMc07-1607-16 14:43
4290Grab 002136Five shares07-1607-16 14:42
4760Ready to diveDongsheng Want Want07-1607-16 14:20
3650So deadHappy little leek07-1607-16 14:18
17314Waiting for a daily limit?Big cow07-1607-16 14:09
12634Waiting for 14:00Da Vinci07-1607-16 14:06
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