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14011 [image]Xin stock pick03-1703-17 08:50
15730EscapeScenery boy03-1503-15 12:35
12960Certainly stoppedOld cattle 196903-1503-15 11:34
18281gapN698113688079103-1403-14 21:25
21571There is no impulse [laughs]Oh, ah03-1403-14 14:41
9480Dog stocksWipe and wipe 12312303-1403-14 14:13
10080Draw while suckingOh, ah03-1403-14 14:10
954010th line is up or downOh, ah03-1403-14 14:06
33142Junk stocksBaba282802-2203-14 12:27
8970Can not step backOh, ah03-1403-14 11:12
8090CallbackOh, ah03-1403-14 09:46
11891Not on itLimits do not like03-1303-14 09:22
19581Tomorrow 4838ER Goldman03-1303-14 07:21
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