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176 1 Is there any such fund in the market? Shareholder lpyMjf 02-2202-22 22:31
161 0 Living in the stock market is the first important thing. Stock investment is like giving one Shareholder lPzUeI 02-2202-22 16:17
277 2 Last week, the General Office of the State Council issued the "On Strengthening Financial Services Private I love shopping 02-2102-21 23:05
301 2 In the context of not seeing significant improvement in corporate earnings, this round of market rebound An Zaixu is 02-2102-21 23:00
442 2 In the short term, the recent market is mainly due to the expectation of social welfare data and Realized 02-2002-20 23:08
985 2 The inflow of foreign capital continues, and these factors are expected to support the short-term market. An Zaixu is 02-2002-20 22:33
450 2 Funds with better medium and long-term performance are more reliable Vivi07_88 02-1902-19 23:42
359 2 Batching or setting a vote is a good choice. Meeting is a kind of relationship 02-1902-19 23:14
679 2 This time, A shares are opening, I believe that everyone will benefit a lot, let’s say An Zaixu is 02-1802-18 22:26
707 2 In less than a month, the Huitianfu consumer ETF has risen by ten. I love shopping 02-1802-18 21:40
3973 3 The highest expected annualization of short-term and medium-term wealth management products with a period of two or three months Cut the hair to go to me 01-2801-28 23:33
3419 3 Think about the fund I bought for the first time is the value growth of Huitianfu, three Can't you 01-2801-28 23:22
969 3 Most of the domestic retail investors are engaged in short-term, good news, so that the stock price Cut the hair to go to me 01-2501-25 22:14
306 3 Why do I buy stocks and fall, sell them on TM, there are ghosts, An Zaixu is 01-2501-25 22:14
321 3 The Fed stopped raising interest rates, and the central bank continued to make major corrections. Shareholder rKIC8G 01-2401-24 23:34
3938 3 I am very optimistic about the closed fund, its share is fixed, and there is no redemption. I love shopping 01-2401-24 23:23
453 3 At this stage, retail investors are probably waiting for the stock price to rise, and then callback. Cut the hair to go to me 01-2301-23 23:06
413 3 Maotai and Gree have raised their wages. Hey, we are office workers. Fashion is 01-2301-23 23:01
574 4 After 18 years of chasing a hot spot for one year, it is not as good as it is, but not as good as his wife. Can't you 01-2201-23 14:29
652 3 Recently, there has been a lot of new government bond reforms. Is it because the bond market is going to come? Style-like 01-2201-22 22:49
1365 3 Is this wave of rally going to end, so I’m afraid, I’m not afraid. Realized 01-2101-21 22:58
833 3 It won’t fall before the Spring Festival, and it is predicted that the recent market is still very stable. Cut the hair to go to me 01-2101-21 22:51
1193 3 According to this trend, is it right now to buy a regular open? Cut and cut 01-1801-19 14:35
3230 3 Recently, stocks will not have much upswing, and now there is investment demand, An Zaixu is 01-1801-18 22:45
5210 3 How to choose an active fund is definitely an open fund? Assad sent forward 01-1701-17 22:18
7713 3 Can the current market still buy equity funds? Fashion is 01-1701-17 22:10
1422 3 No one in the investment is the winner Cut the hair to go to me 01-1601-16 22:37
3335 3 The market began to rise, but did not dare to increase the position, what should I do? Go play with 1 01-1601-16 22:31
2870 4 SSE does not give force, how to choose the investment direction? Fashion is 01-1501-16 18:13
3164 2 Holding the year-end award on the hand, the stock market does not dare to enter, is there any good recommendation? Cut the hair to go to me 01-1501-16 18:05
7970 3 There are still some free cash in hand, how to arrange for the Chinese New Year? Ah, these things 01-1401-14 23:23
3524 3 Chasing up and down is speculation, not desirable, but money can't be spared in your hands. Cut and cut 01-1401-14 23:18
2495 2 Chasing up and down is speculation, not desirable, but money can't be spared in your hands. Fashion is 01-1401-14 23:02
2123 3 Closed three years of strategic placement is not reliable? Cut and cut 01-0901-13 21:40
2969 4 On the last day of the strategic placement, the subscription is open. I think there are still many Cut the hair to go to me 01-1201-12 09:08
2520 3 The New Year's market has risen, I feel that I just bought the Huitianfu strategy. Fashion is 01-1201-12 09:01
2729 4 The new trend of the new year, the general direction is already very obvious, the market Cut the hair to go to me 01-1001-11 01:37
8659 3 Sunburned my income base, Huitianfu strategic placement nearly 3.5% for half a year. Fashion is 01-1001-10 23:21
2713 3 Can the stock base in this market still be bought? Ah, these things 01-0901-09 21:49
1199 0 Can the stock base in this market still be bought? Fashion is 01-0901-09 19:23
3366 2 Is there any new stock that can be hit recently? An Zaixu is 01-0801-08 22:04
3449 2 Have you been able to buy it recently? Fashion is 01-0801-08 21:59
1471 2 At the bottom of the market? Fashion is 01-0401-08 09:41
550 2 Will the bonds continue to be cattle this year? Cut and cut 01-0701-07 20:44
587 2 Can the strategic placement fund buy? Fashion is 01-0701-07 20:35
1764 2 Net Red Fund is really cautious Cut and cut 01-0401-04 22:04
2195 2 How to buy a closed fund? Cut and cut 01-0401-04 13:23
3688 2 Regarding the fight, will someone participate in the People’s Insurance to fight new? Fashion is 01-0401-04 13:13
16400 13 T+0 Trading Band Operation T+0 Trading Band Operation T+0 Trading Wave Value investment internationally 05-1412-23 03:54
32160 48 Call for recovery of T+0 transaction Call for recovery of T+0 transaction T+0 transaction Call Value investment internationally 12-2512-21 01:51
27725 29 Cattle Kweichow Moutai cattle stock Kweichow Moutai Value investment internationally 12-2012-10 20:29
930625 259 Interview [Question win 188] Jinniu fund manager about you to talk about the investment of MSCI fund Stock interview 09-1312-07 11:56
483353 216 Interview #大咖秀# (with awards) under the weak market, the pension fund can Stock interview 09-1712-07 11:50
18681 147 "A shares of 2,700 points, the CSI 500 refers to the base of the fund-based institutions Lonely 09-0712-01 08:28
33902 2 Excellent biomedicine with very low stock price Jingfeng Pharmaceutical 000908 Innovation The daily limit is worth looking forward to 08-2211-27 20:22
3388 0 Kangxin new material 600076 low-priced outstanding stock will definitely stand up again Daily limit 2018 battle 10-1011-26 11:36
6220 1 The best 4 yuan low-priced stocks in the semi-annual report: according to the data, believe the facts: Daily limit 2018 battle 10-1811-26 11:33
6324 1 Introduced Alibaba, Amazon, etc., settled in the city, North High-tech 600604 Daily limit black horse report 10-1911-08 16:26
7585 1 Big data hi-tech incubator base and the best science and technology center! Daily limit black horse report 10-1711-08 14:46
12571 1 China's import fair leader, the most high-tech in Shanghai and Shenzhen Daily limit black horse report 09-1111-05 06:55
14192 0 How many points will you rise today? Swirl 10-3010-30 13:46
6435 0 The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference talks about the birth policy: some people suggest a comprehensive reduction of the limit Second shock wave 10-2910-29 22:58
9224 0 Note: funds from high-priced stocks can open low-priced stocks and ST products. Second shock wave 10-2910-29 14:20
5893 0 Low-priced low-priced stocks and ST stocks will officially open until the end of the year Second shock wave 10-2510-25 10:21
3285 0 Be wary of a new round of short-selling Chinese quality companies. Second shock wave 10-1810-19 12:31
4950 0 Repurchase record, net increase in industrial capital, Kangxin New Material 600076 Daily limit 2018 battle 10-1510-15 14:53
439150 384 Interview [Question win 188] How to invest in pension? 20 years old will teach you Stock interview 08-1710-12 23:08
958330 204 Interview #大咖秀#Traditional for 12 years, how is the stock-based champion made? Stock interview 10-0910-12 21:04
14519 1 Layout of road and bridge type highways, low-priced stock groups and salted fish turn over expectations Second shock wave 09-2010-10 13:22
28061 0 Real estate and banking stocks are too high and should be thrown! Second shock wave 10-1010-10 12:29
11203 14 Soaring cattle stocks, information, information, and information Love life from the stock market 09-0609-28 14:23
1155531 213 Interview [There are prizes] Shanghai and Hong Kong deep growth stocks, who teach you to grasp China's "new Stock interview 08-2809-25 19:05
6377 0 Recently, I want to invest in technology companies, this Beijing Weikong technology 蕙旗678 09-2009-25 15:30
7739 1 Break through 2,750 points and actively focus on value investment stocks Zu Jianrui 09-2109-23 20:19
7678 0 Real and reliable data: The best cattle among all the low-priced stocks Daily limit 2018 battle 09-2109-21 07:20
895456 191 Interview #大咖秀# Big coffee and you talk about "the second goal of the pension fund" Stock interview 09-0609-21 02:21
13737 2 Renfu Medicine will have 10 times of bullish stocks and a market value of 100 million yuan in the future. Value speculation 96 09-1909-19 23:22
10457 1 Why is ST getting funding attention? Is falling, no fish, salted fish Second shock wave 09-1809-19 13:59
4909 7 #赢榜# 9.18 Huatai Bairui Fund Big Coffee Show Activity Assistant Xiaotian 09-1909-19 10:04
16002 0 What is the big coffee show? Every day, small people, haha 09-1909-19 09:49
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