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Published on 2018-07-26 04:16:22 Share it web version
                                    "Problem stocks" Steyr closed for 8 consecutive daily limit after the suspension check.
Source: Securities Times Online Author: Zeng Chan

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Significant losses in performance, bank account freezes, frequent resignation of executives, and numerous lawsuits... Steyr (000760), which is now in trouble, is favored in the secondary market. Since July 17, the company has been 8 consecutively. Daily trading day limit. As of the close, the company's stock price reported 6.16 yuan, the turnover rate reached 19.43%.(推荐阅读>>Steyr's share price nearly doubled on the 7th. Several well-known hot money seats appeared.)

  After the close, Steyr issued an announcement, and the stock trading was abnormally volatile and suspended for verification.

In fact, on the eve of the sharp rise of Steyr this year, the company just disclosed its semi-annual performance forecast. In the first half of this year, Steyr is expected to lose 140 million yuan, compared with a profit of 120 million yuan in the same period last year. In addition, Steyr achieved revenue of 151 million yuan in 2017, down 58% year-on-year; loss of 169 million yuan, and profit of 46.05 million yuan in 2016.

The auditing agency also issued a non-standard audit report on Steyr's 2017 annual report, stating that it is unable to implement further audit procedures for the investment projects of the “Fangzheng East Asia Tianzhu Portfolio Investment Fund Trust Plan” purchased by the company, reminding the company to pay attention to the company. Loss and the failure to recover the performance of the major shareholder's performance due to the period of time have caused significant uncertainty about the company's ability to continue to operate.

Since June this year, the unfavorable situation faced by Steyr has further intensified. Several bank accounts of listed companies and subsidiaries have been frozen one after another, and there are many financial loan disputes.

However, unlike many companies facing similar situations in the market, Steyr's share price has not only declined, but has risen sharply. Why? Some analysts pointed out that Steyr's overseas business accounted for a high proportion, which is the beneficiary stock of the recent RMB depreciation.

On July 24, Steyr disclosed the stock price change announcement that the company's controlling shareholder and actual controller, shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares did not have any major issues that the company should disclose but did not disclose, or major issues at the planning stage. The information disclosed in the previous period does not need to be corrected or supplemented.

After the closing on July 25, the Securities Times·e company reporter called the relevant person in charge of the Steyr Securities Department. The other party said that the company's fundamentals have not changed significantly, and it is not clear why the stock price has risen sharply.

A brokerage investment adviser told the Securities Times·e company reporter that Steyr’s bad news continued, but the stock price soared, and there was speculation that there was speculation; in the past three trading days, Steyr’s turnover rate was above 16%, July. On the 25th, the turnover rate was as high as 20.34%.

Since July 17, Steyr has been on the daily limit for 7 consecutive trading days, and both have been on the Dragon and Tiger charts. Analysis of the data of the Dragon and Tiger charts shows that the agency did not participate in the current round of Steyr's rise, and several brokerage sales departments went back and forth during this period.

For example, Zhongtai Securities Shanghai Jianguo Middle Road Sales Department was among the top 5 buyers on July 19, and the next day was among the top 5 sellers; Huatai Securities Foshan Denghu East Road Sales Department, Huaxin Securities Yueqing Shuangyan Road The sales department and the sales department of the Great Wall Securities Xiantao Qiangou Road were ranked in the top 5 on the list on July 20, and the next trading day (July 23) was ranked among the top 5 in the list, including the Great Wall. The sales department of the securities Xiantao Qiangou Road has appeared in the Dragon and Tiger List four times since July 20, and it has been divided into trading characters. The traces of fast-forward and fast-out operations are very obvious.

It should be pointed out that from the current situation, Steyr’s performance is sluggish, and the company’s liquidity is tight, and there are many economic disputes. The large working capital is frozen and there are certain risks. Investors should be cautious. It is more risky to follow the trend.

In addition, Steyr's major shareholder Indah Steel itself is facing greater financial pressure, and the performance compensation is difficult to return; the equity transfer of important shareholders has not been fixed, and the management of listed companies has changed frequently. A Steyr insider told the Securities Times·e company reporter that the company has not changed.

Published on 2018-07-26 07:10:37
                                                Now it is the problem stocks that can frequently increase the daily limit. No problem has not been updated for 3 years.
Published on 2018-07-26 14:18:41
                                                Value investment, joke
Published on 2018-07-26 13:47:14
                                                Why didn't you stop the game for 7 consecutive daily limit?
Published on 2018-07-26 15:11:08
                                                This is the Chinese stock market
Published on 2018-07-26 13:30:41
                                                Why not check
Published on 2018-07-26 04:54:55
                                                No good subject matter, no performance, bank account is frozen, and it can be 7 consecutive daily limit. It’s true that the other people will not believe it, but in the Chinese stock market, it’s normal, the performance is good, it won’t rise. , the junk stocks are exploding at any time, plunging, this is really difficult for him.
Published on 2018-07-26 05:12:03
                                                Every day, every day is rising, thank you for reminding, not selling.
Published on 2018-07-26 06:05:57
                                                ST Deao, Steyr, Zhongjie resources, Delong's, cattle and cattle
Published on 2018-07-26 06:12:25
                                                Was punished soon
Published on 2018-07-26 06:21:11
                                                Do you dare to buy it? Buy it and fall! Don't dare to buy, don't buy? Do not buy still rise!
Published on 2018-07-26 06:24:53
                                                Also cut the leek!
Published on 2018-07-26 06:40:09
                                                This may be an organized manipulation of the stock market. Shouldn’t it be illegal?
Published on 2018-07-26 06:49:55
                                                It is difficult to change the atmosphere, and all lose money and naturally move to the road.
Published on 2018-07-26 06:51:56
                                                Ready-made clue
Published on 2018-07-26 06:59:38
                                                If you say this, I will be relieved and will not sell it.
Published on 2018-07-26 07:10:37
                                                Now it is the problem stocks that can frequently increase the daily limit. No problem has not been updated for 3 years.
Published on 2018-07-26 07:15:45
                                                A new day, don't miss the opportunity, pay attention to surprises! I wish everyone a smooth investment!
Published on 2018-07-26 07:22:14
                                                Freezing is a prerequisite for restructuring.
Published on 2018-07-26 07:40:27
                                                All come to circle money, there are several good companies
Published on 2018-07-26 07:42:31
                                                Explain that the stock price has no relationship with the company's fundamentals.
Published on 2018-07-26 07:42:35
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                                                The lack of A shares is pride
Published on 2018-07-26 07:49:45
                                                Spring River flower warm duck prophet.
Published on 2018-07-26 07:51:22
                                                What is the performance? Good performance is not going up. In the past, Xoceco's earnings per share began to rise continuously from 2 yuan per share, from 2 yuan to 20 yuan, to 20 yuan per share announced earnings of more than 2 yuan per share, and then continuous decline, this is the Chinese stock market! Small scattered performance stocks only kill the life!
Published on 2018-07-26 07:55:10
                                                Raised a variety of reasons
Published on 2018-07-26 07:55:41
                                                check! ! !
Published on 2018-07-26 07:58:02
                                                This shameless Xiaobian, how much Steyr fell, you don't know, a little up the BB, how can you not see your BB when you fall?
Published on 2018-07-26 07:58:12
                                                In March, when the 2017 annual report was disclosed, the better the performance, the more the decline, the worse the performance, the more the increase, the more the semi-annual report was released in July.
Published on 2018-07-26 07:58:47
                                                In China, value investment does not exist at all, and institutional cities are the correct solution.
Published on 2018-07-26 07:59:25
                                                This is called pulling the drum and spreading the flowers to find the last one.
Published on 2018-07-26 08:01:22
                                                Not stopping?
Published on 2018-07-26 08:02:09
                                                Don't set up the limit, T+0 trading, I don't think they will fire it.
Published on 2018-07-26 08:05:10
                                                There are many groups to do this
Published on 2018-07-26 08:05:45
                                                After the bad speculation, the stock did not touch for three years.
Posted on 2018-07-26 08:06:40
                                                The sadness of the big a!
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