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Published in 2019-03-14 18:52:16 Oriental Fortune Android Edition
                                    Talking about the Investment Logic of Sichuan Shuangma 000935 A little information 03-13 00:00 Sichuan Double Horse
                                        Talking aboutSichuan Double Horse000935 investment logic
a little information
03-13 00:00
Sichuan Double HorseInvestment logic
Sichuan Double HorseMainly engaged in the production and sale of Portland cement series products, the main products are cement, clinker and aggregate. The company is currently in the leading position in the Southwest region. In the first half of 2018, the growth rate of infrastructure investment slowed down, and the growth rate of real estate investment rebounded significantly compared with the same period in 2017. Cement demand performance was basically the same as last year. Overall, the sales volume of the national cement industry in the first half of 2018 remained basically stable, but thanks to the increase in cement prices, the profit level of the whole industry improved significantly, and the industry's benefits achieved steady growth. The southwestern region where the company is located is a key development area of ​​the country. The investment in infrastructure construction projects is large, and the demand for cement is growing significantly. In the country, the southwest region is a region where cement demand growth is faster and prices are performing better. In other words, if you want to speculate on the cement sector, the stocks in the southwest region are the best choice. The cement sector belongs to the traditional industry. There is no speculation at present, but the concept that will lead the period of time will become the market leader. There have been several cases of speculation in the cement sector over the years, and the increase has been large.
In terms of fundamentals,Sichuan Double HorseSince 2010, growth has been very slow. After 2015, revenues and profits have been slowly improving. However, profits have improved substantially in the past three years. In 2015, the net profit loss was 114 million, and in 2016, it earned more than 80 million. In 2017, the profit was 200 million. In 2018, the net profit increased to 5.8-700 million, and the fundamentals changed substantially. Because it is a traditional manufacturing industry, and the profit growth rate is low in the past few years, the market has a low valuation for him. After a 40% increase, the 2017 P/E ratio is 75, based on the 2018 annual report forecast, the price-earnings ratio is 23 At around the rate, its dynamic P/E ratio will be below 20.
It can be said,Sichuan Double HorseIn 2018, there was an explosive growth in its performance. The main reason for its growth was that the cement business mainly benefited from the positive impact of supply-side structural reforms. Cement sales were good and prices rose significantly compared with the same period last year. In addition, the company further strengthened its management. The gross profit margin of cement sales increased year-on-year. At the same time, the private equity fund management business carried out by Tibet Jinhe Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, increased the management fee income, which resulted in a substantial increase in performance.
Looking back at the 10 times of bull stocks over the years, all the valuation centers have changed, and they are accompanied by a surge in performance and then receive market attention.Sichuan Double HorseThe current valuation status is still based on the valuation of traditional manufacturing. After the explosive profit, the first stage of performance valuation is to repair the stock price to return to the normal price-earnings ratio, and then the valuation center changes, to the evaluation of its technology companies. value.
In terms of finance,Sichuan Double HorseThe operation is very healthy, especially its cash flow situation. The cash inflow per quarter is much higher than the net profit. This is a very rare capability in the traditional manufacturing industry. The model adopted by the two horses to produce and sell is the first. The customer has set demand and reproduced, so Shuangma has a strong management and control capability, which is completely different from the traditional manufacturing industry. Excellent cash flow guaranteeSichuan Double HorseCan do a lot of things, such as high cash dividends, stock repurchases, investment acquisitions, investment science and technology, etc., can afford a higher valuation.
In addition, Lingle sent a high-transfer concept article some time ago.Sichuan Double HorseSatisfy all the requirements of high delivery, and the motivation is very strong. The accumulated shareholding ratio of the top three shareholders is close to 70%, and the control degree is extremely high. The first and second shareholders are concerted actions, the equity pledge ratio is extremely high, and the stock price needs to be boosted. To alleviate the pressure of the stock market, the third largest shareholder is the famous investment group IDG, who has been stationed for 3 years. He wants to transfer equity in the near future, and he also has the motive to make the stock price high. Therefore, regardless of motivation or environmental conditions and capabilities,Sichuan Double HorseBoth meet the high delivery requirements.
In addition to the high transfer concept,Sichuan Double HorseIt also involves the concept of venture capital. In the first half of 2018, only the private equity management business, its revenue reached 150 million, the cumulative total of more than 3, the gross profit margin of 100%, 0 cost, is the standard venture capital and trust concept, With the growth of this business, there will be great opportunities in the future.
Moving average "four" buy signal
What is the moving average?
The moving average reflects the average transaction price of stocks for a period of time. The moving averages are divided into short-term, medium- and long-term and long-term. The short-, medium-, and long-term settings become the moving average system.
The moving average of the moving average is an important technical indicator with a hinting effect. The moving average system (long, short) can help us to judge market trends and support and resist the stock price. The conversion of resistance and support is the focus of the moving average analysis. If a support line is broken, then this support will become a pressure. Colleagues, if a resistance line is broken, then this resistance will become a support.
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                                                The introduction is in place, not bad!
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                                                The stock price does not rise, saying nothing is useless.
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                                                Look up
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                                                Shaanxi Guotou Trust has a commission of 1 billion and a net profit of more than 300 million. Shuangma Private Equity Management received 150 million yuan for half a year and a net profit of 130 million. At least 260 million for the whole year. The fund has a scale of more than 15 billion. According to the profit calculation of Shaanxi State Investment Market, the stock price is at least 20 yuan or more. Severely underestimated
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