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                                    * ST Fangu real controller intends to make a price of 475 million yuan will transfer 19% stake
Source: China Securities Network

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*ST Fangu (002194) announced on the evening of November 2 that Meng Qingnan, one of the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company, and Pingtan Huaye Strategic Investment Partnership (limited partnership) on November 2, 2018 (referred to as “Hua” Industry Strategy"), Pingtan Huaye Value Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (referred to as "Huaye Value") signed the "Equity Transfer Intention Agreement" (referred to as "this agreement"), intends to hold its Wuhan Fan Valley 107 million shares of unrestricted shares (accounting for 19% of the company's current total share capital) were transferred to the above-mentioned transferee.

The announcement shows that both Huaye Strategy and Huaye Value Registered Capital are both 100 million yuan, both of which were established on November 16, 2017. The executive partners of the two companies are Shenzhen Hengxin Huaye Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Meng Qingnan intends to transfer the 5,634,600 shares of Wuhan Fangu Unrestricted Circulating Shares to the recipient, accounting for 9.5% of the total share capital of Wuhan Fangu; Meng Qingnan and Huaye Strategy agreed to comprehensively consider the various factors and reasonably determine the target The total amount of the transfer price of the shares was 238 million yuan. The shares and prices that Meng Qingnan transferred to Huaye Value are also identical. The total equity transfer is 475 million yuan.

* ST Fangu said that the introduction of strategic investors will help improve corporate governance, accelerate the implementation of the company's development strategy, promote the company's long-term stable development, and optimize the company's shareholder structure. The equity transfer will not result in a change in the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company.


(Article source: China Securities Network)

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