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Published on 2017-10-18 04:05:05 Share it web version
                                    Two days later, or with Gu Yingqiong’s court, Jia Yueting’s remarks, “The forest is big”
Source: Securities Daily Editor: Eastern Fortune Network

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On the 104th day of Jia Yueting's trip to the United States, he still insisted on “turning the dream of transforming the automobile industry” to seek financing in the United States, and the domestic news about him has never been broken.

A few days ago, in response to Gu Yingqiong’s remarks, Jia Yueting himself stood up and voiced himself. On the afternoon of October 17, Jia Yueting commented on Weibo that “Linzi is big...” and forwarded the “Statement of the company’s chairman Jia Yueting v. Gu Yingqiong’s confession case being formally accepted by the US court” issued by LeTV North America. On October 6, the Los Angeles High Court officially accepted Jia Yueting’s legal action against Gu Yingqiong.

Previously, because Gu Yingqiong was involved in harassment, jealousy and martyrdom, the US court had issued a temporary court injunction to Gu Yingqiong. Subsequently, Gu Yingqiong responded to the outside world and said, "He (Jia Yueting) did not sue me, and did not sue anything." However, soon Jia Yueting issued a message that he had appealed to the court on the grounds of Gu Yingqiong and rumors.

The industry believes that the Gu Yingqiong case will become China's first self-media cross-border case in the United States.

  The hearing will be held two days later.

The Los Angeles District Court in California issued a temporary ban on Gu Yingqiong and caused widespread concern. LeTV Holdings insiders recently said that Jia Yueting believes that "Mr. Gu Yingqiong said that the world" public channels and other channels to publish false news and remarks, he has initiated a lawsuit against Gu Yingqiong in the United States. In China, Jia Yueting will also initiate a lawsuit.

It is reported that Gu Yingqiong received a subpoena from the court at about 1 o'clock on September 30, US time. The hearing will be held at the California Review Court on October 19, 2017 at 8:30. Gu Yingqiong has now traveled to Los Angeles.

According to a statement issued by LeTV North America, following the temporary injunction issued to Gu Yingqiong on September 29, 2017, it was forbidden to continue to make the company's chairman Jia Yueting. The Los Angeles High Court officially accepted Jia Yueting's legal action against Gu Yingqiong on October 6.

The reasons for the prosecution, including the infringements committed by Gu Yingqiong, such as defamation, defamation, and tracing, seriously infringed the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Jia Yueting; the claims included the judgment of Gu Yingqiong to bear general, specific and punitive damages, and prohibited him from continuing to harass Mr. Jia Yueting,诽谤 and 谣 etc.

LeTV North said that "for Gu Yingqiong's contempt of the court's temporary injunction, damage to the company's chairman Jia Yueting and the company's legitimate rights and interests, we will resolutely defend our rights through legal channels."

  Jia Yueting may not appear in person in person

Whether Jia Yueting will fight against Gu Yingqiong in court is also the focus of the outside world.

Shen Meng, executive director of Shannon Capital, said: "At present, it is the key period for Jia Yueting to develop automobile business in the United States. Jia Yueting chose to sue in the United States. It should be worried that Gu Yingqiong’s remarks affect his development in the United States and even the expulsion or confiscation of property by the United States. Otherwise, from the perspective of the social impact of Jia Yueting’s transfer of assets, he may choose to sue in China. If this is the case, Jia Yueting will actively push the case to the court, and he must see the case with Gu Yingqiong in the US court. ."

However, he believes that Jia Yueting should not appear in person. "In civil litigation, US law does not strictly require the plaintiff to appear in person. Jia Yueting may entrust an agent to attend the proceedings."

Since mid-July of this year, Gu Yingqiong has published many information on LeTV and Jia Yueting on the platform of the WeChat public account through the media.

LeTV Holdings believes that Gu Yingqiong’s actions have seriously infringed the reputation of Jia Yueting and his family, and have made unremitting efforts for Jia Yueting’s debts for LeTV Holdings and the legal investment in the global auto industry.

According to people close to LeTV, Jia Yueting is currently seeking financing for LeTV, and if there have been unfavorable news from the outside world, it will seriously affect its credibility and hinder the financing of its auto industry.


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