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Published on 2019-04-12 18:14:12 Oriental Fortune Computer Edition
                                    5G reality
                                        There are many applications for 5G, such as the concept of IoT, smart driving, medical, smart factory manufacturing, etc., but the most extensive use is still reflected in the use of mobile terminals.
Due to the current 5G millimeter wave characteristics, the current 5G mobile phone battery can not support 5G signals for a long time, and the standby time of the mobile phone is short. Only one-sixth to one-third of the current 4G mobile phones cannot be actually commercialized. This is public information, but it is not selectively transmitted.
Therefore, this is why the three major domestic operators only invested about 34 billion in the 5G construction in 2019. This investment is not a little worse than expected.
Then, the reporter asked the Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, when to issue 5G licenses? The Minister's answer: When the terminal use technology is mature.
This terminal is estimated to refer to the mobile phone. Can the Minister not know the actual defects of the 5G mobile phone?
So, let's search for it, isn't it? I still want the 5g concept, wait!
Published on 2019-04-12 18:44:42
Published on 2019-04-15 20:13:47
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