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Published on 2018-04-18 13:36:35 Oriental Fortune Network iPhone Edition
                                    I sold it on the floor today, huh, huh.
                                        I sold it on the floor today, huh, huh.
Published on 2018-04-18 15:32:36
                                                Is it? Oh, the uncut person entered the basement.
Published on 2018-04-18 15:33:39
                                                Every day, it is the floor, and it turns out to be hell.
Published on 2018-04-18 15:33:54
                                                Ceiling bar, half the space
Published on 2018-04-18 15:35:35
                                                There are eighteen layers of hell below
Published on 2018-04-18 15:37:53
                                                Tomorrow you will feel that today's price is a high point.
Published on 2018-04-18 15:40:02
                                                Continue to linger tomorrow, oh. . . Otherwise, some people call and are too tired every day.
Published on 2018-04-18 15:57:46
                                                Crazy again
Published on 2018-04-18 16:02:56
                                                Today's floor price, tomorrow ceiling price ~
Published on 2018-04-18 16:07:03
                                                How can stocks stop trading without moving? Why, by what! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Published on 2018-04-18 17:21:14
                                                You are the smart person when you post this time. On the contrary, you are an idiot.
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