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                                    The trillion-dollar leveraged funds continue to buy three major indicators to screen 19 potential stocks (list)
Source: China Securities Network Editor: Eastern Fortune Network

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As of October 16, the balance between the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 955.2 billion yuan, and it continued to hover below 10,000 yuan. Among them, the financing balance was 990.7 billion yuan, and the balance of securities lending was 4.466 billion yuan.

Since the National Day holiday, the growth rate of the two cities' balances has become hesitant. On September 15th, the balance between the two cities was 98.34 billion yuan. It increased by 11.8 billion yuan in the 17 trading days of this Monday, with an average increase of 694 million yuan per trading day. In the meantime, the highest was 99.7 billion yuan on September 20, and it was a stone's throw from the 1 trillion yuan mark. After that, it fell sharply to 96.94 billion yuan on September 29. After the holiday, it oscillated and rebounded again, approaching one trillion yuan again (see the picture below).

Drafting: Data Application Department

Specific to individual stocks, the latest financing balance of more than 1 billion yuan has 279 stocks, accounting for 29.37% of the 950 two. Among them, there are 73 stocks with more than 2 billion yuan, 31 stocks with more than 3 billion yuan, 17 stocks with more than 4 billion yuan, and Ping An (15.4 billion yuan) and Industrial Bank (12.1 billion yuan) with more than 100 stocks. The financing balance of 100 million yuan is in the forefront.

As for the financing changes after the National Day holiday, there were 631 stocks that were netted for financing in 6 trading days, accounting for 66.42%. Among them, there are 72 stocks with a net purchase of more than 100 million yuan, 30 stocks with more than 200 million yuan, 11 stocks with more than 300 million yuan (see table below), and BOE A with 741 million yuan. Net purchases topped the list. On the other hand, 8 stocks including China Aluminum (196 million yuan) and Fangda Carbon (194 million yuan) (see table below), the net outflow of financing in 6 trading days exceeded 100 million yuan.

Drafting: Data Application Department

Further statistics, from October 9 to October 16, there are 96 stocks with a net increase in financing purchases of more than 10%, 31 stocks with more than 20%, and 12 stocks with more than 30% (see The following table), Jingwei shares (107.00%) and Changshu Bank (101.33%) are only two financing net purchases doubled. On the other hand, 12 stocks (see table below), such as Lixun Precision (-14.72%) and AVIC (-15.87%), reduced the financing amount in 10 trading days by more than 10%.

Drafting: Data Application Department

In terms of the rise and fall of October 9 to October 16, the average increase of 72 stocks with a net purchase of more than 100 million yuan during the period was 2.56%, and the net purchase of financing was over 200 million yuan. The average increase of only one stock was 3.14%, which was far better than the 0.88% performance of the Shanghai Composite Index in the same period, while the 7 stocks with a net outflow of more than 100 million yuan (excluding the suspension of Chinalco) fell by an average of 0.09%.

It can be seen that the amount of net purchases is positively correlated with the rise and fall of the stock price.

If we observe the increase in the amount of financing for the six trading days after the festival, we can find that there are 37 stocks that have been netted for financing for six consecutive trading days from October 9 to October 16. Among them, there are 19 stocks with a cumulative net purchase increase of more than 10% (see table below).

Drafting: Data Application Department

After the 19 stocks, the average increase was 0.03%. The net profit for the first half of the year increased by 64.08%, and the average latest P/E ratio was 34.39 times. Obviously, it is precisely because of the characteristics of high growth, low valuation, and stagflation that investors are willing to continue to buy leverage, and the market outlook is worth looking forward to.


  The highest 10 times leveraged stocks have been mixed up! Supervision has been involved in the investigation


  Zhu Bangling: It is necessary to pay attention to the leveraged funds and excessive speculation and mutual reinforcement.


  Huatai Securities: trading and the two companies continue to rise, the brokerage performance is greatly improved

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Shareholder ejrAAM :
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... This list is also the first big gift package that Ali gave to everyone after the official establishment of "Dharma Securities Research Institute"!
...... oh, I have collected it myself, I hope it will become 4 million in the next 400,000 years.
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