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Published on 2018-07-26 11:00:40 Share it web version
                                    The Shanghai Composite Index fell nearly 1%, the GEM fell nearly 2%, and the low price exceeded the stock market.
Source: Eastern Fortune Network

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The Shanghai Composite Index fell nearly 1%, the GEM index fell nearly 2%, the disk, the oversold low-priced stocks collective blowout, Lotus Health, Tenda Construction and other multi-day limit. Port water transport, Binhai New Area, equity transfer and other sectors also performed actively, and the stock market Steyr continued daily limit for 8 days. As of press time, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.94%, and the GEM Index fell 1.87%.

Today's news:

1,The State Food and Drug Administration answered the problem vaccine flow and control situation late at night: Wuhan bioremediation has resumed production

2,The central parity of the RMB has risen sharply by 378 points, the largest increase since July 5, 2018.

3,Facebook's second-quarter daily revenue was lower than expected: after-hours stock price plummeted, market value evaporated billions of dollars

4,Xinhua News Agency: Strictly put "household living and not speculation" into practice

5,Most afraid of stepping into the air Foreign investment in the bottom of the battle started: this private equity giant's first domestic product is the fastest at the end of this month!

6,A lot of IPOs are finally priced at $19, with a valuation of $24 billion.

At the brokerage morning meeting today, analysts said that the A-share valuation repair is still in progress. After the market has rebounded continuously, the future will continue to fluctuate and rebound.

  Huatai Securities:

Publicly-funded customers believe that the market will be too fast in the short term, and it will take time to adjust. The future will continue to fluctuate and rebound. There are different opinions on the trending institutions of the subsequent capital construction targets. It is considered that the proportion of rising and lightening positions and appropriate jiacang is basically the same, but most investors are not optimistic about their sustainability. However, there are also very few investors who suggest that the more the economy needs to be the bottom, the better the cycle will be. Looking further, investors generally believe that there will be downside in the absence of internal and external problems.

  Galaxy Securities:

After the A-share market continued to rebound, the market needs a narrow range of shocks from the technical side. In the later period, A-shares were still dominated by structural stocks, and they remained relatively optimistic about the later market. Recent trends should continue to focus on the implementation of relevant fiscal and monetary policies. In the media sector, content investment is the most effective means for video platforms to increase the number of users. At present, third-party copyright purchases are still an important source of platform content. The film and television drama section continues to be optimistic about the light media, Huayi Brothers.

  Northeast Securities:

The multi-party policy was actively promoted, and the prescription outflow was at the time. The outflow of prescriptions is at the turning point of the explosive growth of the industry. The market scale is in the short-term order of 100 billion, and the long-term space can reach trillion. The prescription sharing platform is of high importance, and the market space for charging by business volume is expected to reach tens of billions of dollars, and the market for value-added services is more extensive. Investment suggestion: It is recommended to focus on entrepreneurial software with regional card advantages, Weining Health, which actively develops innovative businesses such as Yunyao, and Donghua Software, which has the advantages of high quality hospitals.

  Founder Securities:

The policy has turned to guide the trend of A-shares, and the valuation of A-shares is still in progress. The mid-market is not pessimistic. However, the structural impact of RMB depreciation on A-shares still exists, and the “squatting board” of cycle and growth will be the main tone of the stage market. Pensions bottom-line A shares, foreign capital bargain-hunting A shares, below 3000 points, A shares have a strong margin of safety, although recovering above 3000 points, can be described as heavy pressure, but can be expected to reduce taxes, A share market changes brought about by the transformation , will become the driving force of time and space conversion in the market. The short-term market is still on the sidelines, and the upward trend remains unchanged. Operationally, light index, heavy stocks, dips on military, electronics, national reform and bottom right stocks, avoiding excessive stocks in the previous period.


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