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                        The three major stock indexes of A shares fell back in the afternoon, and the artificial intelligence sector rallied
Source: Eastern Fortune Network

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The three major stock indexes of A shares fell back in the afternoon. The artificial intelligence sector has swelled and stopped, and the game has 13 daily limit for intelligence. In addition, brokerage, security, wine, software, electronic information and other sectors also rose. As of press time, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.30%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.50%, and the GEM Index rose 1.60%.

Today's news:

1,The stamp duty law draft for comment is released: the stamp rate of securities transactions remains unchanged. The tax rate adjustment is determined by the State Council.

2,Conference of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee: Inspiring the vitality of the market, promoting the long-term healthy development of the capital market

3,The new classification of securities companies' classification and evaluation: to resolve the risk of equity pledge! Look at specific policies

4,Four major insurance companies invest more than 7 trillion yuan in assets: increase the allocation of fixed assets, pay attention to high dividends

5,A-shares will continue to attract long-term funds: 416.7 billion pensions have begun to invest. 100 billion occupational pensions are entering the market.

6,The China Insurance Regulatory Commission has repeatedly recruited to ease the financing difficulties of private enterprises.

  At the brokerage morning meeting today, analysts said that the policy is basically clear, and the market still needs to wait.

Galaxy Securities:

In October, the Shanghai Composite Index was affected by continuous major adjustments after the holiday, falling 7.75% month-on-month; Shenzhen Composite Index fell nearly 11%, the largest monthly decline since January 2016; the GEM index fell 9.62%, Shenzhen Component Index and The GEM index fell for the seventh consecutive month. The A-share market continued to fluctuate and investors' trading was active. The later A-share market may continue to show a volatile situation. In the near future, we should continue to pay attention to the efforts of relevant policies to maintain the market. On the 31st, the Central Committee held a meeting of the Politburo. Although the Politburo meeting did not focus on stabilizing domestic demand, it is necessary to stabilize the domestic demand from the perspective of the central government's judgment on the economic situation and the downward pressure on the “six stables”. Sex is unquestionable. More proactive fiscal and monetary policies to stabilize domestic demand are essential.

Huatai Securities:

The bottom of the policy is basically clear, but the economic turning point and the turning point of corporate profit have not yet been seen. The bottom of the market still needs to wait. The probability of the index will fluctuate sideways for a period of time, paying attention to the opportunities brought about by the introduction of policies. Industry view: Optimistic about the upstream and infrastructure sectors that are in line with national policies; the white horse sector that has oversold and overshooted; the bank real estate sector with valuation advantages.

Lianxun Securities:

The recent sharp adjustment of the capital market has attracted the attention of the decision-making level, and the importance of the healthy development of the capital market has become one of the key tasks of economic work in the future. We expect that there will be more "stable market" measures, and the "policy base" has become clear. We believe that these two directions are the main focus of future theme investments.

Zhongtai Securities:

The October 31 meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee clearly stated that the capital market should "inspire vitality." The meeting proposed "to focus on capital market reform, strengthen institutional development, stimulate market vitality, and promote long-term healthy development of the capital market." We believe that from the perspective of the Politburo meeting in the past years, it is extremely rare to mention the capital market directly. In the medium and long term, policy measures to promote the capital market are expected to be intensively introduced.

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