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                                    Powerful sweeping for two consecutive days! The net purchase of funds in the north has reached a new high of nearly two years.
Source: Securities Times Network Editor: Eastern Fortune Network

On November 1st, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets both rose slightly, and the performance was not warm. However, the land-based funds in the north were further accelerating the net purchase. The net purchase amount of the land shares reached 8.683 billion yuan, creating a Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. Since the last two years, the "quantity".

Together with the net purchase of 5.749 billion yuan in the previous day, the cumulative net purchase amount of Shanghai Stock Connect for two days was as high as 14.232 billion yuan. The two-day net purchase size has been rare since the establishment of the interconnection mechanism between A shares and Hong Kong stocks!

  The net purchase amount of Lushangtong hit a new high in the past two years since the opening of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect

The data shows that today's Shanghai Stock Connect net purchase of 5.597 billion yuan, the deep share of the net purchase of 2.886 billion yuan, the Shanghai Stock Connect and the deep share of the total share of the land share of the purchase of 8.843 billion yuan, a record The "big amount" of the last two years since the opening of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect!

Prior to this, the trading day with the highest net purchase amount of the company was also traced back to October 9, 2017, when the Shanghai Stock Connect net purchase was 4.675 billion yuan, and the deep share of the net purchase was 2.889 billion yuan. The total net purchase amount of the land shares reached 7.564 billion yuan.

On November 17, 2014, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was opened.

On December 5, 2016, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect opened. So far, both Shanghai and Shenzhen have established an interconnection mechanism with the Hong Kong stock market, which means the complete establishment of the land-share mechanism.

Separating Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect, the net purchase amount of Shanghai Stock Connect today reached a new high of more than three years after August 26, 2015, and the net purchase amount of Shenzhen Stock Connect today reached 4 this year. It was nearly 7 months after the 18th.

It is worth noting that the net purchase size of Lushangtong was suddenly “outbreak” in the last two trading days. On Monday and Tuesday, the net purchase amount of Lu Shares was 2.788 billion yuan and 230 million yuan respectively, while last Thursday and last Friday, the land stocks also showed a large net sell status, the two transactions. Net sales of 3.602 billion yuan and 1.665 billion yuan respectively.

The above changes in the shareholdings occurred after the October 2004 announcement by the Securities and Futures Commission.

On October 30, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a statement in response to market concerns, saying that it will accelerate the following three aspects:

The first is to improve the quality of listed companies. Strengthen the governance of listed companies, standardize information disclosure and transparency, and create conditions to encourage listed companies to carry out repurchase and mergers and acquisitions.

The second is to optimize transaction supervision. Reduce trading resistance and increase market liquidity. Reducing unnecessary interventions in the trading process, allowing the market to have clear expectations for regulation and giving investors an opportunity to trade fairly.

The third is to encourage value investment. Play the role of institutional investors such as insurance, social security, various securities investment funds and asset management products, and guide more incremental medium and long-term funds to enter the market.

Analysts pointed out that the three-point statement of the CSRC has adapted to the needs of the market and boosted investor confidence. Qianhai Longyuan believes that each of these points is worthy of attention, including improving the quality of listed companies, encouraging listed companies to buy back, and encouraging listed companies to become bigger and stronger through mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, attract long-term institutions such as insurance funds and pension funds to enter the market.

For the secondary market, it is more concerned about the relevant expressions in the second point of the statement, such as “reducing trading resistance and enhancing market liquidity”, so that the funds of the various channels have higher the trading activity of the market. Look forward to, of course, including the North Bank funds.

Yang Delong believes that this statement has further clarified the supervision. After the clear direction of supervision, investors will have rules to follow, and the enthusiasm of the transaction will be further improved.

  Intra-inner stocks in the year to 80% of the A-shares of the stocks increased the cumulative net purchase of about 240 billion

Since 2018, Beishang Capital (Lushangtong) has continued to maintain a net buying position for A-shares. The net purchase amount during the year has reached 239.464 billion yuan, which is close to the sum of net purchases in the previous two years. This is in the context of the overall sharp decline in the A-share market in 2018.

In the month of the month, most of the funds in the 2018 year saw a net purchase in the north, and only net sales in February and October.

The situation in October is relatively special. On the day of October 8 alone, Lu Yingtong sold a net amount of 9.716 billion yuan. If the net outflow amount on October 8 was removed, there was only a small net sales in October.

This time, the net purchase amount of the land stocks suddenly “exploded”, or the new start of the net purchase of the funds in the north again.

According to the statistics of the Times, among the 1,440 stocks that have been approved by the mainland stocks, the proportion of more than 1,110 stocks in the stock market in the year has increased, accounting for nearly 80% of the total. This indicates that the funds from the north to the majority of the stocks have been carried out this year. Added a position.

Among them, during the year, the shares were sold to 11 stocks including Gujia Home, First Travel Hotel, Op Lighting, Han's Laser, Shuijingfang, Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Chongqing Department Store, Concentration Technology, Conch Cement, Sanhua Zhikong, Baiyun Airport. The shareholding ratio increased by more than 5 percentage points.

From the specific increase in the number of holdings, the number of shares held by UB shares in the year exceeds 10 million shares (Note: excluding stocks that are converted into shares during the year, the same below), of which the number of shares held by 36 shares exceeds 1 Billion shares.

In the year, China National Capital Corporation has the largest number of holdings of Sinopec. At the end of 2017, Lushangtong only holds 400 million shares of Sinopec. However, at present, the number of shares has increased to 928 million shares, an increase of 528 million shares. Combined with the stock price trend of Sinopec this year, the company has bought net during the year. The amount of imports into Sinopec is conservatively estimated at more than 3 billion yuan.

(Article source: Securities Times Network)

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