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                                    Master the 6 best buy points for volume
There are several important factors in stock trading – quantity, price, time, and time is the time of intervention. This is the most important. The intervention time is well selected. Even if the stock is selected poorly, there will be profit, but the timing is not Ok, even if you choose the right stock, it won’t rise, and it will be stuck.

The volume is a mirror reflecting the popularity of the stock market and the driving force behind price changes. Therefore, many retail investors operate the stock to gain income by observing the change in the volume of individual stocks. Therefore, in the analysis of the identification of the good and bad of the stock, the coordination of the volume is essential.

How to use the volume to choose stocks

1. At the beginning of the stock price, the single-day trading volume was more than 2.5 times the moving average of the first five days of the stock, which was greater than the moving average volume of the previous 10 days.

2. At the beginning of the stock price, the single-day volume ratio must be at least 10 or more, and the closing ratio should be at least 2.5 or more.

3. At the beginning of the stock price, the trading volume maintained a moderate amplification. The variable energy deviation rate indicator VBIAS was able to maintain a rapid and continuous increase of 3 to 5 days, and the VBIAS could cross the 0 axis many times on the 24th after the stock price was started.

4. The moving average volume VOSC indicator is greater than the 0 axis and gradually moves up slowly. Even if the adjustment is encountered, the VOSC indicator is positive for more time than the negative value.

5. When the volume standard deviation indicator VSTD quickly rose to a very high position in the history of the stock, it indicated that the stock volume was over-amplified. This extremely high position differs depending on the size of the stocks of the various stocks and the transaction activity. Therefore, there is no certain quantitative standard, and investors can compare the historical performance of the VSTD indicators of individual stocks.

Trading picking skills

The first quantity and price selection method has a limitless daily limit

Under the price limit system, the stock's first infinite limit, the market will continue to fall until the next large number of people can rebound or reverse; similarly, the stock's first unlimited daily limit, the market will continue to limit, until there are a large number Appear to return or reverse.

The second price-selection method has a low volume and a daily limit

There is always a reason for the heavy volume: in the high-priced zone, some of the main forces tend to knock out the volume, often put a big sell order at some price points, and then eat it to show that it is trying to attract the market to follow the trend, or at some key points. Put a large purchase to show that the support is large, and all such phenomena are false, and the true center of gravity can be identified. If the amount of knocking in the low position indicates that the institution is changing the market or is preparing to pull up a wave of market, you can follow up with the opportunity.

Best buy point

1. The best buying point for the volume: After the slow climb, the volume starts to rise – the first heavy volume is bought at the Yangyang line.

2. The best buying point: the stock price fell to an important support level - buy when the contraction stabilizes.

3. The best buying point: the volume breaks through the important resistance level - break through the day to buy.

4. The best buying point for the volume: the first high-volume line in the low position – buy at the Da Yang line.

Volume attention point

1. Any entry and exit, the market is the observation point, do not do when the market is not good, not to be confused by the rising stocks.

2. In most cases, the price of the equivalent is no longer falling, and once the amount is gradually enlarged, this is a good thing.

3. In the process of falling, if the volume of trading continues to shrink, and the amount of "unsatisfactory" is reduced to a certain day, and the stock price declines slowly, it is the timing of buying.

4. After the volume shrinks, when the new base point no longer appears for 2 consecutive days, the bottom of the quantity can be confirmed, and intervention can be considered.
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