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                                    The four big selling rules that are worth remembering!
How do you build a four-selling rule that is worth remembering? How do masters control positions? [Dry goods collection] The most severe suspension of the resumption of the card system release [dry goods collection] Shanghai Stock Exchange set up the science and technology board [dry goods collection] stamp tax law solicitation of opinions [dry goods collection] Central Political Bureau meeting held [dry goods collection] individual tax special deduction [dry goods collection] Hainan The Pilot Free Trade Zone was approved [dry goods collection] the central bank lowered the standard by 1 percentage point

Selling is as important as buying. It can only be bought without selling.
The constant changes in the market, for investors must develop a practical trading system.
The real master will not predict the market, he just understands when to be heavy and when to empty.
The SFC has issued the most stringent suspension of the resumption system. What are the main points?
What is a science and technology board? What is the impact of Kechuang board on A shares?
The stamp duty issue was issued for comment draft. How to interpret this news?

What information did the Central Political Bureau of the CPC hold a meeting on October 31?

What are the highlights of this document? Which Hainan stocks can be nuggets?

The central bank announced a 1 percentage point reduction. Can this move promote the A-share market to strengthen after the holiday?

Last issue (eighth) (Best answer by: Speculative operation provide)
1. What is the impact of the IPO's accelerated listing?
 Dependent stocks A: As new stocks accelerate their listing, as long as they adhere to the low price-to-earnings ratio issuance policy, they can increase the attractiveness of stockholders to hold stocks for new stocks. In the case of an increase in index price, the demand for low-value blue-chip stocks will increase, which is conducive to stock market operation. More rational and steady.
1. Management's attitude towards the restructuring operation of the A-share secondary market
 Full warehouse A: Now that the restructuring review is getting more and more strict, coupled with the speed of new share issuance, it may not be popular in the future.
1. Was it involved in the hot money of the regulated stocks? Is it expected to change positions to blue chip growth stocks?
 Speculative operation A: It should not be, even if there are a few, the funds in the history of A-shares speculating concept stocks or small-cap stocks are rarely transferred to large-cap stocks due to supervision. This batch of funds will still wait for the next concept stock.
 Current issue (ninth issue) (waiting for answer)
1. Is Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect's long-term positive or negative for A-shares?
2. Ask for the impact of block trade on stocks?
3. Why did the pending order not be sold when the auction price was lower than the current price?
 Next issue (10th issue) (concentration)
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