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                                    Do not worry about the stocks, just keep an eye on these 5 points.
Stocks only need to keep an eye on these 5 points and 5 points to buy a few points in the A-share market. [Dry goods collection] The central bank lowered the standard by 1 percentage point. [Dry goods collection] Targeted reduction scope expansion [dry goods collection] tax special deduction [Dry goods collection] Central Economic Work Conference [dry goods collection] 2019 investment theme outlook [dry goods collection] Fed rate hike 25 basis points [dry goods collection] central bank launched TMLF

There are a lot of things to look at in stocks, but what are the core things?
It is important to find a good stock, but it is more important to grasp a good trading point.
This paper concludes that as a stock investor, we must know a few rules on the A stock market.
On January 4, the central bank announced a 1 percentage point reduction. How does this affect A-shares?
What is the impact of the central bank on expanding the scope of targeted RRR reductions for A-shares?
A special tax deduction method will be introduced. How much tax can you pay less next year?

What are the points revealed by the Central Economic Work Conference?

Coming soon to 2019, what topics contain better investment opportunities?

The Fed announced a 25 basis point rate hike. What impact does this have on A shares?

The central bank decided to create a medium-term loan facility, what is the impact on A-shares?

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