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Published on 2019-01-11 08:48:15 Share it web version
                                    Why are some investors so easily quilted?
                                        In the stock market, there are a lot of investors who are not willing to solve the set even if they are quilt. If they are lucky, they will get rid of it. If they are not lucky, the set will be quilted for several years. In the end, the losses will be heavy. What are the investors who are easily quilted? Why are such stocks easy to be quilted? The following small series will give you an analysis.

First, the active quilt investors

The investors who are actively trapped are mainly for bargain-hunting, and they choose to buy in the process of stock decline. However, who knows that the position is not selected correctly, and does not rise and fall after buying the stock. Even if the stock falls, it is not a loss, but instead chooses to cover the position to dilute the cost, because they will worry about the loss, and the stock will rise again.

Fortunately, stocks will rise after the bottom of the market. It is still not necessary to go to the bottom of the market just after entering the bear market. This is not advisable, so it is still unknown.

Second, passive quilt investors

1. Passive quilt investors must be those who do not like to set a stop loss. Even if they are losing money, they will not choose to close their positions. They will hold and so on. The stocks have the chance to rise, but the final result is the loss. The more you think about stopping loss, the harder it is, and then it's over.

2, passive quilt investors may also set a stop loss, but the position of the stock stop loss is set wrong, resulting in a certain loss. After that, there is a shadow on the stop loss. It is considered useless to set the stop loss. It will only be more and more damaged. In the end, it will not stop loss. When it is done in the opposite direction, it will be covered.

3. Passive quilt investors often do not have the courage to face losses. They think that there is no real loss without setting a stop loss. Maybe they can come back as long as they can. Once we set the stop loss, it will be real. If you lose, you can’t get down.

As a normal person, there is nothing wrong with this kind of thinking, but you have to know that you are an investor at the same time. We have to change this mode of thinking, or we will be quilted.

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