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                                    5 tips for selling stocks against the market
                                        First, the fast warehouse method. It is suitable for early use in the market. If the stock price of a stock is not deep, investors should immediately sell it when they are not serious. At this time, test whether investors can act decisively and whether they have decisive psychological qualities. Only timely and decisive selling can prevent further expansion of investment losses.

Second, the 趁 rebound sells the law. If the stock price has already experienced a rapid decline, then the panic to stop the loss and stop the role, the role played is limited. After the deep and rapid decline of the stock market is prone to rebound, investors can grasp the rhythm of the stock price operation, sell when the market rebounds.

Third, see the abnormal trend of selling the law. In the market where the trend continues to be weak, if the stocks in the stocks have an abnormal trend, it means that the stock may have a larger decline in the future. For example, if there is an abnormally high stock in the late trading, it must be sold decisively. The more the action is taken in the late tray, the more the main fund has reached the point where it is unable to support it.

Fourth, short selling method. China's stock market has not yet introduced a short-selling mechanism, so investors can only adopt passive short selling. That is, in the down market, investors first sell the stocks, and then fall back to a certain depth, and then buy back again, through this method to obtain the difference and reduce costs.

5. The method of selling the position. When the stock market declines to a certain stage bottom, you can use the margin sale method, because the stock price is far from the investor's purchase price, and if it is forced to sell, it often loses a lot. Investors can reduce their costs after making up the position and wait for the market to pick up and then sell it on rallies. This method of selling is suitable for use when the market is nearing completion.

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