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Published on 2019-01-11 08:50:45 Share it web version
How to grasp the opportunity to enter the stock market

How to choose the time to enter the market, this is very difficult to determine. At present, it is very difficult to determine whether it is time to choose stocks. We always hope that we can buy stocks at the right opportunity, preferably Buy at the lowest point of the stock, then sell the stock at the highest point of the stock, so that we can make a god-like forecaster and get a lot of money. If you want to achieve the desired state, you may only be praying to heaven. If you can't predict the future, then our above thoughts are likely to be delusional and impossible to achieve.

If we look at the market every day, there will always be various concerns about the performance in the market. On the one hand, I hope that I can buy cheap stocks, and on the other hand, I worry that the stocks I have bought will continue to rise. It can be said that before you start, most people hope that the stock is as cheap as possible, so that we can have more opportunities to make money. But once we buy it, we hope that the stock we buy will rise a little every day. This is the normal investment mentality that we face when investing.

It is precisely because most of us have the above mentality, which also leads us to be at the level of a mass. There is a high probability that we can't get good returns and become the 20% of the stock market to make money. In order to solve this problem, we must first transform our own thinking. Only when you stand in the perspective of a few people can you make a different judgment and gain profits. Of course, standing in the role of a few people is not simply against the public opinion, the simple non-black is white, but let yourself have a self-analysis of the stock market, the selected stocks, and draw on the basis of the overall situation. Analyze the distinctive conclusions and guide your behavior after drawing conclusions.

Of course, how to do this is really not easy. Especially when I am ready to start, I find that the stock I want to buy is now starting to rise. At this time, I will be even more inexplicable fear that I can’t get on the bus to make money. However, most of the results of this rush to get on the train are that they will bear certain losses. Although there are uncertainties, there will be some, so it is necessary to set an investment rule for yourself. For example, you can only invest once in a month, and learn more when you don't invest, to make up for your lack of knowledge in investment.

Published on 2019-01-12 08:10:49
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