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Published on 2019-01-11 08:52:17 Share it web version
                                    5 tips for short-term masters to choose dark horse stocks

1, the trend is strong

As the saying goes, "The strong are strong, the weak are weak." So how do you judge strong? Strong daily limit, stocks that are up and down before 10:30 minutes, the sooner the better. The other is that the time-sharing graphics are strong and the pulse-time-sharing pattern is the strongest.

For example, the following picture:

2, there is a strong main intervention

The transaction was active, there were frequent big buy orders, some were signs of control, there were signs of support and pressure on the key points, the volume of sales was shrinking and shrinking, and the newspaper media often published articles and recommendations, all of which indicated that the main force is not small. As shown below:

3, there are potential topics

Short-term speculators like to speculate on the subject matter, as to whether it is true or not, as long as the market agrees. For example, pre-charge piles, lithium batteries, etc.

4, is the current market hype hotspot

Do not buy the unpopular stocks in the short-term, but the unpopular stocks have explosive themes. The main force has also been collected for a long time, and it is likely to become the target of short-term speculators. For example, in the Xiong'an New District, some stocks are directly opened.

5, the technical form supports the stock price continues to rise

It is difficult to grasp this point, but in general, avoiding technical indicators, seeing signals and selling signals, and selecting stocks that have entered the overbought area, try to choose stocks with technical patterns and technical indicators that have just sent out the buying signals.

Published on 2019-01-14 04:27:17
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