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                                    What is the purpose of the main dishwashing?

The purpose of the banker to enter the stock market is the same as that of retail investors, but also to make money, in order to make a profit. Therefore, in the process of controlling the disc, the main force will try to let the retail investors lift the sedan and let the retail investors lose money, so that the main force can achieve the purpose of profit.

So what are the stages of the main control panel?

The main control panel is divided into four stages: suction, pull, wash, and shipment.

The purpose of the fundraising is to, on the one hand, get as many chips as possible at the bottom to minimize the cost of your position. On the other hand, in order to achieve the purpose of control, only after getting enough chips in the hands can we control the rise and fall of the stock price.

So what is the purpose of the main wash?

Some people will ask why the main reason is to wash dishes? Has been pulled up, pulled up to the target, and then shipped is not good?

There are two main purposes for washing dishes:

First, the main wash disk cleaning float.

What is flotation? It refers to short-term customers with unstable mentality. This group of people, when buying stocks, is not prepared to take long. Once the stock is profitable, it will throw out the stock in the hands of a little bit of wind, but once the stock is thrown, it will It is a resistance to the pull-up of the main force. Therefore, when the stock is pulled up, or when the stock reaches the pressure level, the main force will deliberately call back or sideways to clean the short-term customers and achieve the purpose of cleaning the floats and making the stock chips. It becomes stable and easy to pull up.

Second, increase the average position cost of retail investors.

Some people don't understand that even if stocks change hands and fall in the wash area, how can the cost of stocks increase? We want to say, for example, the main force to open a position at the position of 4 yuan. At this time, some retail investors also open positions at this position. When the stock is raised to 8 blocks, the main force will be washed at this time. This part of the retail cost of 4 yuan. Throwing stocks, and then the new retail investors take the price of 8 blocks, then the average cost of retailing at this time has changed from the original 4 yuan to 8 pieces, the cost has increased, and it is a new retail, so this time stock chips It will also become very stable.

The above is the purpose of the main wash.

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