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                                    Confirm several standards of the main rising wave market

In the stock market, the most heart-rending and exciting is the main rising wave. It is the fastest rising and biggest increase in the stock market. This is the long-awaited goal of investors. If you happen to hit the daily limit and hold it all the way when the main rising wave starts, your investment will be quickly rewarded. In the bull market, it is possible to double or even multiply the funds; in the late post of the bear market, as long as you look at the main trend, you will far outperform the market.

In the first round of the market, the biggest increase was in the market, and the longest rising market was dominated by the rising wave. The main rising wave was similar to the third wave in the wave theory. The main rising wave market is often launched after the strong adjustment of the market. It is the main profit stage for investors in a round of market, and it is absolutely impossible to take the time. From a technical point of view, the main rising market has the following confirmation criteria:

The long-short index indicator is characterized by a golden cross

When the main rising wave market starts, the long-short index BBI indicator presents a golden cross. The BBI will break through the EBBI indicator from the bottom up. The criterion for judging the effectiveness of the upper wear depends on whether the BBI is strongly penetrated from a position far below the EBBI, or whether the BBI is gradually higher than the EBBI during the EBBI bonding process, and the latter is ineffective. It should be pointed out that the calculation method of EBBI is the same as BBI, but the parameters should be set to 6th, 18th, 54th and 162th respectively.

Moving average is arranged in multiple positions

The moving average in the main rising wave market shows a long position. It should be noted that the parameters of the moving average need to be reset, set to 3, 7, 21, and 54 respectively. These moving averages have better responsiveness than the average line common to common software. And trend confirmation, and, because of the small number of people used, it is not easy to be used by the dealer for fraudulent lines.

Significantly strong features of the MACD indicator

In the main rising wave market, the MACD indicator has obvious strong features. The DIFF line is always above the DEA. The two lines often rise in a similar parallel state. Even if the market has a strong adjustment, DIFF will not effectively break the DEA indicator line. At the same time, the red bar of the MACD indicator is also in an increasing situation. At this time, it can be confirmed that the main rising wave market is starting up quickly.

Stochastic indicator KDJ repeated high passivation

In a balanced market or downtrend, stochastic indicators need to be ready to sell as long as they enter the overbought zone. Once high passivation occurs, it should be resolutely cleared for shipment. However, in the main rising market, the application principle of stochastic indicators is exactly the opposite. When the stochastic indicator is repeatedly passivated, investors can firmly hold shares and maximize the profits of the main rising waves. When the stochastic indicator falls into the oversold zone, investors should be wary that the main rally is coming to an end.

Characteristics before the main rising wave

The first major feature: the small-yin and small-yang line consolidation occurred on the K-line, until the iconic heavy-weight positive line appeared, and the trend began to change.

Under normal circumstances, if the stock price is relatively low, the main force will slowly push up in the form of Xiaoyin Xiaoyang, and the increase is intentionally or unintentionally controlled within 7%, because the main force does not want someone to follow suit, and does not want to exceed the increase by more than 7%. On the list, when the stock price shows a certain increase, and the main force hopes that the market will follow suit, there will be a big Yangxian line, so as to quickly get rid of its own construction cost area.

Confirm several standards of the "main rise" market, once met, resolutely fill in the warehouse!

For example, the above picture is recentChina Merchants BankBefore the main rising wave started, the K-line Xiaoyin Xiaoyang was arranged before the start. The trend was in a shock consolidation phase. After entering the main rising wave, the stock price entered a rapid pull-up phase and continuously pulled out the big Yangxian line. And easily will not fall below the 20-day moving average, even if the intraday short break, will be quickly pulled up by the main force.

The second major feature: the emergence of the upward gap gap does not cover, the non-recovery here generally refers to within 3 trading days.

Generally speaking, the stock price gap is higher, it is a strong signal to do more. If the stock price can continue to rise after the high opening, even the price limit is closed, it is the signal that the main rising wave is unfolding. such asAVICThis stock, we saw a three-point gap in the gap on June 5. Don't underestimate the gap of 3 cents in this area. This is the bottom gap of the main wave when the main wave starts. There is no cover, and the stock price keeps rising, indicating that the main force is rushing, and then the stock price has exploded. The three waves of sex rise.

Confirm several standards of the "main rise" market, once met, resolutely fill in the warehouse!

The third major feature: Zhou MACD has just had a "golden cross" above the zero axis or a "golden crossover" is about to happen. This is the famous aerial refueling form in the MACD tactics.

According to the application principle of MACD, we can know that the "golden cross" of MACD above the zero axis means that there has been a small round of preheating in front of the stock, and it has been adjusted. When the MACD reappears “Golden Cross”, it indicates that the previous adjustment has ended, and this adjustment is only a return, and the stock price will enter a new round of upswing.

Confirm several standards of the "main rise" market, once met, resolutely fill in the warehouse!

For example, the above-mentioned main rising wave of cattle stocks, after the classic "Golden Water Drift" at the end of last year, the stock price soared nearly doubled, only recently began to followSSE 50Adjustment. Therefore, there are a lot of emphasis on the use of indicators, and strong stocks must have their strong characteristics.

Before the main rising wave begins, many of the main forces will be fiercely washing, so there must be a macro judgment on the position of the stock price. In terms of form, the stocks that are pitted do not matter how fierce the main action is, and the volume must be shrinking, which indicates that the chips are further concentrated.

Confirm several standards of the "main rise" market, once met, resolutely fill in the warehouse!

The method of chasing up in the main rising wave market

The main rising wave market is definitely not allowed to go empty. There are two ways to invest in non-empty: one is low buy; the other is chasing. In the current market, there are very few opportunities to buy low, so the most suitable investment method is to chase.

Chasing operations must be well-planned and use appropriate investment techniques:

In the main rising market, investors need to operate in conjunction with rising trends. Once the trend weakens, sell the stock immediately. And even if you are optimistic about the market outlook, investors should not be full of positions to chase up, the stable method is: you can use half-storage to chase, and the other half of the warehouse according to the fluctuation law of the market, appropriate high throw low to absorb the difference. Since there are already half-storage chips in the hands, investors can implement the “T 0” operation in disguise, and at the same time control the position, the maximum profit can be obtained by rolling operation.

In the process of chasing up, you need to set profit targets according to changes in market conditions. When you reach the profit target, you must resolutely stop the win. This is an important means to overcome greed and control excessive chasing.

Method of controlling risk in the main rising wave

Since the chasing operation is relatively risky, the control of risk is particularly important. This requires investors to master three investment principles:

1. In the development of the investment plan before the chase operation, the setting of the stop loss position is an indispensable part;

2. In the chasing operation, it is necessary to evaluate the market and the sustainable uptrend of individual stocks. Based on this, the risk-to-income ratio is measured. When the risk is greater than the income, the operation should be stopped immediately.

3. After the chase operation, it is necessary to strictly implement the various operational links in the investment plan, especially the stop-loss and stop-loss operation plans.

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