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Published on 2019-02-11 08:24:25 Share it web version
                                    Stocks are most afraid of encountering this situation

Volume is the basis for stock price increases. Yan Yanyun: The amount of land, the price of the sky.

The characteristics of the A-share market are: Xiong Changniu is short, rising for several months and falling for one or two years. A shares have not changed this situation so far.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of land is not very good, because the emergence of the amount of land is in the process of slow decline.

The amount of day is different. The generation of the amount of money is formed by the absolute enthusiasm of a stock. Why is this fanatic? Because there are too many A-share investors, there are too many follow-ups, and there are too many chasing and falling. Therefore, most of the situation occurs in the highest area. In the case of a one-word daily limit, a large number of followers disregarded the risks and operated with a stupid attitude, resulting in a stock price at a high level, the main force fleeing, and the chasing highs took over.

To this end, we have reminded us numerous times: the risk of high volume is huge, even if there is a second wave, it needs to be rested, not to mention the fact that it will go up. As for the number of examples, there are too many, and most of the risk stocks we reminded before the year are like this. These stocks fell by a few points, and some fell by half of the highest price.

What kind of situation is calculated: in general, more than 5 times the normal amount of energy (can be judged according to the average of 20 days on the normal trading day), or in addition to new shares and quasi-new shares, more than 15% can be considered as Heavy volume. If it exceeds 20%, it appears that the high or relatively high position is a precursor to shipment.

Therefore, stocks are most afraid of high volume, and high volume means huge risks. I hope everyone learns and keeps in mind this and its important trick!

Of course, sometimes there will be a large amount of days after a continuous decline. This situation is a self-rescue of value investors or Zhuangzi. This is different from the high volume.

Published on 2019-02-11 14:01:56
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