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                                    Top 10 performances of mature traders
Mature trader's top 10 performance masters reveal the best time to buy money to make money effect is what is going on [dry goods collection] IPO audit 50 issued [dry goods collection] science and technology board officially landed [dry goods collection] A shares included in MSCI expansion [ Dry goods collection] Central No. 1 document released [dry goods collection] Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District planning [dry goods collection] financial services private enterprises 18 [dry goods collection] insurance capital increase holdings are encouraged

Take a look, you see how much you can account for?
Keep a wait-and-see attitude when you don’t see a clear break or reverse (bounce) signal.
The word "money effect" comes from "smart speculators."
What are the key elements of this document, and how should I interpret it?
The rules of the science and technology board officially landed, how should we interpret it?
MSCI announced that it will expand the A-share factor to 20%. How does this affect A-shares?

Which agricultural stocks benefited from the Central Document No. 1?

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District planning release, which concept stocks investment opportunities?

The Central Office and the State Council issued 18 financial services and private enterprises. What are the points in this document?

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission encourages insurance companies to increase their shareholdings and which stocks will benefit?

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                                                Dezhan Health (000813) In the future, the big bulls are still at the bottom, and it is recommended that investors will make a fortune in every round of retreat. . . Today's broader market trend is weaker, the stock trend is stronger against the selling pressure and gradually stabilized. . .
On April 16th, at the “2019 Industrial Cannabis CBD Industry Investment Forum” organized by Huizhong Medical and Huizhong Research Institute, more than 20 industrial marijuana leaders and more than 10 industrial cannabis investment institutions will be revealed on the spot. You are the real world behind a crazy "marijuana".
It is understood that this is the world's first investment report on the research, analysis and in-depth analysis of the cultivation, extraction, services, policies and investment trends of the global cannabis industry. The purpose of this investment forum jointly organized by Investank.com and Huizhong Research Institute is to show domestic investors the status of planting, product development and legal law of domestic and foreign cannabis industry...
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