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                                    Why are most investors unable to make money from the stock market?
                                        One of the interesting things about how to beat investors in the stock market is that the best way to beat 90% of stock market investors is to not participate in stock investment and stay away from the stock market. Because 90% of investors in the stock market are losing money in the long run, they have lost people who are far from the stock market. So why are 90% of the investors unable to make money from the stock market?

1. They don't understand the stock market.

The reason many people enter the stock market is very simple. It means that investing in stocks can make money. But before they entered the stock market, they were unaware of the stock. In this state, stock investment is like being in the sea. There is no direction and no target. At the same time, it is full of fear and panic. Their investment trajectory is chaotic and lacks direction. The volatility of the market itself is more intense, and with the stock market in the sea, their investment results can be imagined.

2, just want to get rich overnight.

For retail investors with limited funds, buying stocks is like buying lottery tickets. They expect to get rich overnight in a short time. Investors with this mentality are often trading with a gambling mentality, they want to rely on their luck to profit, rather than relying on experience or theory. In the process of chasing up and down, there are often unrealistic expectations for investment, and I hope that I can get several times the benefits in a short period of time. This kind of mentality of getting rich overnight will affect their operation, and the final result is often the departure of meat.

3. Not willing to learn and delve into.

There is no casual success in this world, especially in the stock market. Without a certain amount of hard work, it is impossible to get a return. Many losers are dismissive of the correct investment theory, they will not calm down to study, read newspapers, research companies or communicate with experts, but indulge in all kinds of inside information to believe in various investment masters, in this case they It is often the part of the stock market that is being harvested.

It is very simple to want to make a profit in the stock market. As long as you have the right investment ideas and methods, the right way can make investors easily overcome 90% of the people.

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