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                                    How to use the volume to escape the top?

"Escape top" is a necessary survival skill for investors. If you don't escape, more money in your account may be cleared at any time, or even become negative. "The one who will buy is the apprentice, who will sell the master." This sentence not only shows that selling is more important than buying, but also that selling is harder to grasp than buying!

There are various articles on the Internet about how to escape the top, and there are also a large number of book boxes in the bookstore. For everyone to list, there are Macd dead fork method, 5th and 10th moving average dead fork escape top method, high Kdj dead fork escape top method, K line combination escape top method, etc., no less than dozens.

The above-mentioned escape from the top, if you calm down, read and experience carefully, you will gain something. But here, I teach you a simple and practical escape technology that everyone can learn -Volume escape technology!

Take the SSE market this year as an example and explain it through screenshots.

In the above picture, I used the line to draw the two highest points of the SSE market this year. Let's compare it. When the market reaches a stage high, is its volume the highest level? Therefore, as long as you find the highest level of the stage, you will understand the stage top!

You may ask, after you finish, you know that it is the highest level. If you don’t finish it, how do you know that it is the highest level? In fact, it is very simple. Look at the performance of the second day of the stage. If the volume of the next day decreases and the closing price is lower than yesterday's closing price, it will be confirmed.

With this simple technique, this year I led my fans to escape the top twice in time.

If there is a high level of phase, will it rise the next day? That's not the top, it means that it is shrinking and the market will continue.

As shown in the following figure, on January 17, 2018, after reaching the highest level in two months, the second day, although the volume is shrinking, it continues to rise. This indicates that the market is not over yet, but it should be vigilant and may not be far from the top. It is.

On January 24, 2018, the trading volume of the market reached the highest level in the past week after the highest volume. The closing price of the next day was less than the closing price of the previous day, and the volume was shrinking. After one day, it began to plunge!

At this point, the Macd and moving averages are still good, and it will take three or four days to die. At that time, the stocks have fallen by 20%!

Let's take a look at the case before the bull market crash in 2015.

On April 20, 2015, it reached the highest amount in a year, and the second day was shrinking, but the closing price was higher than the closing price of the previous day, indicating that the market will continue.

On June 9, 2015, it reached a staged high volume, and the second day was shrinking, but the closing price was lower than the closing price of the previous day, and it began to plunge after three days!

The above is the analysis of the market, and the stocks are exactly the same.

TakePetrochemical oil serviceFor example, on April 4th, the stage reached a high level, and on the second day, the volume was reduced, the top formed, and began to fall.

Look at the leading stocks of the previous few days.Precise informationAfter reaching a high level on April 10, the next day, the gap is low and the opening is basically confirmed. The stage top is formed and should be sold out.

One of the most recent leading stocksBusiness wins around the worldIt is similar. On April 3rd, it reached a high level, and the day was closed. On the second day, the gap was low and the stage top was confirmed. In fact, if the Yinxian line is received on the same day, basically the same day can be confirmed, and the day can be lightened at the end of the day. , confirm the next day.

Using the highest level of phase to judge the stage top is very simple and practical, and it is much more intuitive and accurate than using various dead forks or indicators. On the basis of understanding the above cases, we will find some examples to practice, and we will soon be able to master the skills of escape.

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