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Published on 2019-05-15 08:17:39 Share it web version
What should I do next day when I buy a daily limit?
In the hands of the stock, the daily limit was not sold, thinking that the next day can go up again, but at the same time worried about the next day's callback, even the profits of its own daily limit have fallen, and much regret it.
This article mainly explains the operation skills of the second day of the daily limit:
1, the opening limit on the daily limit can not be rushed to throw, but to stare at the number of buying. Once the buying volume is reduced rapidly, there is a possibility of opening. At this time, it must be sold immediately and the profit is closed. If you have been going to the daily limit until the close, you don't have to throw it, and consider it on the third day.
2, high open low (up 3% or more), it must be immediately sold, and at a lower price, because according to the principle of priority (high price to let the low price), can be quickly sold, and the transaction price Generally higher than their own offer. If in the process of the first day of the daily limit, a large order will quickly increase the stock price by more than 3%, it will be more than 1% of the price, so that it can guarantee the transaction, but also Guarantee the maximum profit.
3, high open and high, stare at the stock price, once the rise is weak (meaning the stock price declines a point), then immediately report.
4, open high, stare at the stock price, once the rise is weak, then immediately report.
5, low open and high, stare at the stock price, once the rise is weak, then immediately report.
6. After the swing, it will fall quickly, and when it rebounds, it will choose the high point to ship.
7, low open low, high point immediately shipped.
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