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I hope that retail investors should avoid these two detours.
There are too many stock friends who have been crawling for many years and still have nothing to gain. The key is to take a long detour. There are too many shareholders who operate blindly, but it is not the so-called loss, the more failure, the greater the chance of "epiphany", the loss is the operation failure, the loss is more than the failure, the result of repeated mistakes is large, the failure There is no inevitable relationship with epiphany. No one will be stupid enough to deliberately try this bitter fruit for the sake of enlightenment.
We will only summarize errors and correct errors in the failure operation, which is also a way to accumulate relevant knowledge and experience.
In fact, if you have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant knowledge of stocks, it is not difficult to achieve an epiphany. In fact, if someone has a heart to remind that it is a one-word thing, in a matter of seconds, just a lot of people have gone too far.
Don't expect or imagine that there is a momentary epiphany in the field of speculation. It is just a mental poison that the loser gives to himself, or a bad success to the unsuccessful. The epiphany in any field is based on the thickening of the participants themselves. The knowledge and experience, without the thick relevant knowledge and experience as the basis, will not produce an instant leap, the epiphany is like a scholar doing research, think about a certain proposition, think about it at night, suddenly I was inspired when I was dreaming one day, and answered this proposition that has plagued him for a long time, but only if the scholar has accumulated enough relevant knowledge and research before solving this proposition. The inspiration for dreaming is only a lot of related. The spark generated by the collision of knowledge.
Therefore, the breakthrough of the stock market in the stock market is the same. If you want to have an epiphany experience, you must prepare enough materials for the epiphany experience, that is, relevant knowledge and experience.
The following questions can ask yourself, and many people may get help:
First, what do you do for stocks? Banknotes, incentives, for the number of transactions?
Second, when the trade orders are brought to you is nervous? Stimulating? Or dull?
Third, think about it carefully, with the stock knowledge you have now, the floating surplus is 3-5% per week. Is there any problem?
There are too many shareholders who ask how to achieve professional standards. I don't understand the level of professionalism at what stage. If you are a small retailer practicing at home, you can't talk about professionalism when you close the door. If you want to do this professionally, you should first devote yourself to this line instead of using your spare time to play.
You need to systematically study financial knowledge and become familiar with the relationship between various markets, rather than simply focusing on a stock market futures market, commodity markets, foreign exchange markets, bond markets, securities markets, and various markets are interconnected.
How each market works, you must understand the connections between the various objects, every political event, the occurrence of financial events, you can think of which market will be affected, which market should first understand which market to move For whom.
It is not enough to have professional knowledge. It is also necessary to improve the overall quality of the whole, including the transformation of thinking and the overall situation. There is no enthusiasm and perseverance. You have no way to achieve the so-called profession.
As an ordinary retailer, just use a limited amount of money to earn some corresponding profits, and why should it meet the professional standards of the organization?
Take less detours, don't do useless work, spend a few thoughts on research cases, and do this well enough to make you happy.
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