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Ten stocks with high concentration of individual chips
The concentration of chips in individual stocks is reflected in changes in the number of shareholders, technical aspects, time-sharing charts, and big buy orders. Broadcast rice online education, stock stocks are highly concentrated in ten characteristics, and I hope to help investors.

1. After the stock price plummeted, it was sideways and repeated shocks.

2. The stock price has a large number of repeated large orders, but the stock price has not increased significantly.

3, time-sharing trend, high and low, the difference between commissioning and commissioning is huge.

4. The commission sells more than the commission, which is greater than the transaction, and the stock price rises.

5. The stock per share exceeded the market average number of transactions per transaction.

6, found that small-cap stocks often appear 100 lots of pay. Mid-cap stocks have seen 300 consecutive bids. Large-cap stocks have seen 500 consecutive bids.

7. The stock turnover rate has reached more than 200% in the last 3-5 months.

8. The original trading volume of the stock has shrunk significantly. The trading volume of a certain trading day has gradually increased, and the turnover has begun to increase.

9. When the stock price is low, it will increase the amount of heavy volume; when the market is diving, the next day will open lower.

In the 10th and 5th minutes, the small Yangxian line appeared continuously; when the stock price was low, the small cross star appeared continuously.
Published on 2019-05-15 08:41:19
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