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                                    The stock market is green and oil, how can retail investors save themselves?

Today, the stock market is green and oily. The 28th differentiation is obvious. The small-cap stocks suffered heavy losses. Under the rise of two barrels of oil and insurance banks, the market’s magical “glorious harvest”, as of the close, the market rose 0.29%, the Shanghai 50 rose 1 %, the GEM fell 0.47%.

In terms of sectors, oil, sapphire, insurance, food and beverages were among the top gainers; in the decline list, mineral products, paper, and scarce resources fell sharply.

The stock market is green and oil, how can retail investors save themselves?

Market time chart

Today, the 28th differentiation of the market is obvious. The large-time time-sharing chart shows obvious scissors difference in the afternoon, and the weight increase has been analyzed before. The stability of the regulatory layer during the conference is the main theme, and the main force of maintaining stability is undoubtedly the heavyweight. So how will the market outlook be interpreted?

In fact, in the evaluation before the National Day, we painted the wave chart of the SSE 50. The original words were: After the holiday, the SSE 50 will open the 3-wave B wave rebound, so the weight for the low position. The stocks have to be bought. The picture below shows the wave maps drawn for everyone in September. I believe many fans and friends will still remember them.

The stock market is green and oil, how can retail investors save themselves?

Let’s take a look at the latest SSE 50, as shown below.

The stock market is green and oil, how can retail investors save themselves?

The latest SSE 50-day line chart

Obviously, the trend of the SSE 50 is completely in line with expectations. If the B wave rebounds as expected, then the final C wave will start to fall. Therefore, starting from tomorrow, the heavyweights must do a good job of rallying and selling and selling.

Looking at the GEM again, in the evaluation last night, it was clearly pointed out that the rebound of the B wave ended, and then the C wave will start to fall. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the position by rallies. The following picture shows the GEM 60 that was drawn to everyone last night. minute

The stock market is green and oil, how can retail investors save themselves?

Look at the latest GEM for 60 minutes, as follows

The stock market is green and oil, how can retail investors save themselves?

The latest GEM 60 minutes

Obviously, the GEM has also stepped out of the C wave market as expected, and I believe that the friends who watched the reviews every day have achieved good operations. Regarding the future of the GEM, it is still optimistic to open the daily level to open the main rising wave, but before that, we must wait for the 60-minute C wave to finish, and the risk of patient downturn is released, and it is not too late to enter.

Summary: The market has already started to adjust the mode. There will be no big ups and downs during the period, but the risks have to be prevented. For the heavyweights, the rallies will be lightened. For the GEM, wait for the callback of the small C waves to end, and then make a new one. The layout of the wheel.

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