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                                    [Follow the cattle have meat to eat] Individual stocks continue to fall, how to operate?
I want to eat meat and soup in the market. Let's take a look at how the cattle think and invest. The most popular stock community in the country, cattle people, provide you with the most timely way of thinking. Blindly following the trend is risky, please think independently. More exciting and heavy points are constantly being updated...

[Market big observation]

12:24Individual stocks continue to fall, how to operate?

In the morning session, the market continued to decline yesterday. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened lower and lower. Yesterday, the weight of the stock index was dumb, the brokerages fell, only the four major banks were backed up, and the insurance also reversed. The white horse stocks differentiated, and more eight Class stocks joined the violent fall in the morning. The Shanghai index once fell to the 20th and 30th lines, and pulled up after 3362. On the face of the market, the GEM closed red, but failed to recover 20 lines; the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes all closed out the small Yin star, falling below the 10-day line. In terms of sectors, the defensive sectors such as medicines, medicines and medicines were among the top gainers. Yesterday, the performance of the eye-catching audio-visual, the second oil led the decline, the brokerages fell down...Click to view original post

11:52Blue chip stocks and theme stocks will not kill one day together?

Today is the big green, the GEM is red; the Guojia team's support is weak; one brother is most worried that tomorrow or the recent market and the GEM will kill, it will be more fierce; there is no market in the afternoon, dare to rush If you are tall, you may fall back!
The details of the specific index research are as follows: ......[Click to view original post

07:27What are the 28 wonders?

Between the two, one by one, one up and one down, the market is a difference of ten thousand miles. At the same time, in the market on Wednesday, the market reproduces the big moves like "the seesaw". This big move is manifested in the index, the SSE 180 is at a record high, while the GEM index is lower. The Shanghai Composite Index and the Shenzhen Chengzhi Index are undergoing a narrow (strong) shock and consolidation; they are represented in the blue-chip sector represented by four major banks and four major insurances, especially in a beautiful cluster. Strong rise, while cyclical varieties such as coal and steel continued to pull back and the trend was sluggish. A number of subject matter conceptual categories have also returned to the government, falling more and less; in the performance of individual stocks, on the 18th, Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks fell by nearly 70%. There were only 758 stocks that rose, and 267 were suspended. In the early stage, a number of strong stocks showed signs of compensatory declines.Click to view original post

07:41Whether the market can rebound and live this!

From the perspective of the sector, the policy-intensive sectors such as renting and selling in the morning, land transfer, energy conservation and environmental protection, beautiful China, domestic chips, and Xiong'an New District have all risen in different degrees. These are relatively large with important meetings. Relationships, however, have a tendency to fall back in the afternoon, especially the GEM. In fact, from the end of the hour, the index has already made a choice of direction, the GEM refers to the first step to expand the C wave adjustment.
The feeling of the next round is predicting today's market. From the last hour of the Shanghai Stock Exchange index pattern yesterday, if it is not because of the counter-market support of the SSE 50, then a large probability will follow the GEM to start the downward C wave, but because of the emergence of the support force, this adjustment The time period will be extended to the back. In fact, at this point in time, it is not very meaningful to always stare at the index. There are often cases where the index is not synchronized with the stocks. You can focus on the GEM index. The characteristics of the wind vane are more obvious. After the adjustment is over, it will also counterattack before the motherboard.Click to view original post

07:55Not being confused by the disk, firmly absorbing high quality growth stocks

For the market outlook, the SSE 50 is strong, and there may still be room, but I think this is more of a requirement for stability. As the conference closes, investors must guard against the weight of the white horses. On the other hand, some of the varieties with substantive themes that were first adjusted, I think we should absorb the bargains, especially the varieties with high economic prosperity and good performance growth. Do not believe that we will look at them later...Click to view original post

07:05Support factors and hotspots

The current frequent hotspot switching speed and market sentiment instability are insufficient confidence in the market outlook. Since the market index broke through 3,300 points, due to the lack of re-emergence in the previous leading sector, the lack of leading index index of 3400 points broke through without results, at 3300 points. - The 3,400-point interval has a long oscillating time and is a patience test for funds. Yuming believes that with the falsification of economic data, the supervision of speculative bubbles in futures has also led to strong disagreements after the cyclical stocks have heated up. At the same time, hotspots have switched back to consumption. In the second quarter, the market embraced the White Horse consumer stocks, which pushed up the valuation of the industry. The improvement of economic data made investors turn their attention to cyclical stocks and financial stocks, resulting in a flat performance in the big consumer industry in the third quarter. However, as the cyclical stocks weakened, the funds returned to the consumer industry. Similar to liquor and household appliances, they continued to be strong after a period of weakening (the recent increase in Kweichow Moutai and Yili shares, etc.), forming a seesaw effect... ...[Click to view original post

[Operation Strategy]

11:37Current risk control is greater than opportunity

The GEM once again fell below the 1880-point box and began to bottom out. It was then pulled back again and did not stand above 1880. This position shows that the pressure is still relatively large, and the breakthrough must be carried out. Volume can only make the pressure more and more difficult to pass, only choose to give up. The new stocks fell at the end of 1216 points and gradually drifted away. The downward structure is more clear, and it is necessary to find the bottom again. After the completion of this adjustment, such as the medium-term trend, it will rise, but at present we are more concerned with avoiding the risk of falling, especially the risk of individual stocks...Click to view original post

11:55Good at capturing the plate faucet

Smart medical care: the industry banner is the traditional industry to the excessive industry, and the “smart” in the emerging industry is a 10-year bullish route. Therefore, smart medical care is a long-term standard. The medical segment with the most daily surge is the medical device. why? “Intelligence” has the largest space in the “devices” field. In the first half of the year, there was a wave of medical prices in the first half of the year. The best thing to do is medical equipment. The nuances are in the style, and the difference is very narrow.Click to view original post

06:24What is the index of the red stocks but a large area to kill?

What percentage of stocks have fallen in the fall? The recent trend of the stock index is a small shock, but the stocks have continued to fall in large areas, the most important thing is the lack of incremental funds. We found that using finance, two barrels of oil to stabilize the index, individual stocks to increase but increase, from Wednesday on time We can also see that when the yellow line is above the white line and the two lines are entangled together, the number of individual stocks rebounds is still relatively high, and once the white line is fast upward, the yellow line will quickly fall sharply, and the stocks will have a downward volume. This is the lack of incremental funds, only relying on the amount of field memory to dismantle the East Wall to make up the Western Wall will cause this situation. So, will this phenomenon continue to exist? The author believes that individual stocks have actually been adjusted for a long time, and there is little possibility of a sharp fall, especially on Wednesday, which has created a condition for the rebound of individual stocks.Click to view original post

07:30The petrochemical double male spell is hard to appear

Due to the market opening protection mode, the stocks with excessive growth in the previous period have obvious callback demand. Therefore, it is recommended that you continue to seek stocks in the short-term, which are not expected to increase in a short period of time and have stable or even exceeded expectations. It is recommended that you seek suitable opportunities to participate in dips. In the short-term operation, it is recommended to implement the strategy of fast-forward and fast-forward hotspots. Long-term stocks that are far away from the short-term gains will be long-term layout, band operation, and look for low-value varieties for layout. Do not rise or fall, choose a strategy to wait and see. The short position of the position is best controlled in the middle of the half or below, waiting for a better time to come...Click to view original post

07:45Rainbow is difficult to hide the weakness of Big A

Coal stocks peaked on September 12 and fell to 14.8% on Wednesday. Now it has not stopped falling. Steel and nonferrous metals have also fallen by about 12% since mid-September. The total price of the cosmic price of 600516 has dropped to 25.2 yuan after seeing 39.2 yuan. The decline was 35.7%. Now it has not stopped falling. The price of the paper industry is so loud, but the main force is very smart. It is still ahead of the price increase. It fell 2.42% on Wednesday and lost the market. The reason for the decline is that it is not a bull market now, it is a shock city, and it will fall after a period of rise...Click to view original post

[Investment and speculation]

11:36The stock market continued to strengthen performance-driven rise

Really returning to performance-driven, everyone can know which angles to cut into and choose from, and supplemented by the interpretation of technical conditions, which is a favorable judgment for short-term entry and exit, often with a multiplier effect, and can be a good judgment. The dressing of the trend, or the change of the trend, to achieve a better response......Click to view original post

07:44Who is more informative in the changes in the positions of private equity funds and public funds?

According to relevant data, the number of managers of private equity funds has exceeded 20,000 at present, and the number of fund products has exceeded 60,000. As for the scale of private fund management, it is more than 10 trillion. It can be seen that compared with the public funds that manage assets of more than 11 trillion yuan, the scale of management of private equity funds is gradually approaching. However, if the actual proportion of money funds of public funds is excluded, the actual impact of private equity funds on the stock market may be more significant...Click to view original post

07:21Divorce reduction: bad system makes good people into bad people

For this reason, the divorce of executives of listed companies is especially concerned by the market. At the moment, the divorce of Zhao Jian, the director of Tang De Film and Television and the famous movie star Zhao Wei, is particularly eye-catching for the market. On the evening of October 10, Tangde Film and Television announced the change of shareholdings. Based on the dissolution of the marriage relationship, Zhao Jian took out 19,213,188 shares, accounting for 4.81% of the company's total share capital, and gave it to his wife Chen Rong. Retained 12,808,792 shares, accounting for 3.2% of the company's total share capital. According to the closing price on October 10, Chen Rong’s shares have a market capitalization of about 502 million yuan, and Zhao Jian’s shares have a market value of about 335 million yuan. This also means that Chen Rong became the fifth largest shareholder of Tang De Film and Television, and Zhao Jian became the sixth largest shareholder of the company...Click to view original post

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                                                5G network and AR big black horse is Shun network technology 300113, miss Tencent, don't miss Shunwang Technology again. Don't raise stocks. Risky.
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                                                Trust is the foundation of the beginning, with professional heart, doing professional things, the right choice is the beginning of success.
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                                                Strength, look at the day, look at 100 days, and the opportunity is to take the initiative to grab, not by waiting, today’s loss stems from your blindness yesterday, and tomorrow’s income depends on your choice today.
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                                                Before you buy a stock, you must set a stop loss point to avoid expanding the loss surface when you miss it. Because it is a big time, it takes a long time to recover. It is time-consuming and laborious, and it is easier to break the mentality.
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                                                The stock market is profit-seeking; there are no good people. - Performance is king! [Sharing dividends; rising water]
Stocks are good companies that make more money, lighter debts, and lower valuations!
[The economy is strong, the competition is dynamic, the development is motivated, and the potential is rising]
I am optimistic about you! Weifu Hi-Tech 000581[State-owned assets holding and world-class German companies; strong alliance]
Keep up with the times! Committed to the automotive industry's energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligent electronic, new energy vehicle innovation development direction!
Flourishing! Thriving!
In the A-shares currently announced 3,542 listed companies per share earnings ranking [Top 33] basic earnings per share of 1.31 (yuan / share) [over three seasons last year]
[More is the strong double growth of A-shares] The year-on-year growth was 39.36%, and the growth rate was 5.36%.
In the third quarter of this year [the off-season is not weak; production and sales are booming; cars in August and September should not be sold continuously] is expected to exceed the 16-year full-year earnings per share of 1.66 (yuan / share) [returning 16-year dividends, net profit 36%Harvest is in sight]
The current price of 24.98 yuan (-0.91%) ranked 756; investment value highlights! [P/B ratio: 1.94 times, price-earnings ratio (moving): 9.50 times]
Great potential! Please pay attention![Sit and enjoy]
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Gradually entering 002703
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                                                Awesome, the Dow is about to surpass the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the US stocks are at a new high, and A-shares are struggling, not to be convinced! The longing for the good people to live a good life is the target of the CSRC.
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                                                Cutting meat is the best policy
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