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                                    Can the market rebound in the afternoon?
                                        After the opening of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in early trading, it rebounded slightly to 3378.74 points, and then began to fluctuate and fell back. It also had a small diving action. After the test reached 3,362.52 points, it rebounded again. In early trading, the overall volume showed a small negative cross. Can you pick up in the afternoon?
Disk analysis: The enlargement of trading volume, if it is the above attack, will change the trend of phased adjustment. If it is the main decline, it will lengthen the time of phase adjustment. In the two markets, the stocks in the intraday market were dominated by weights.
The market outlook speculates:
1, technically, the 5-day moving average is on the top, the 10-day moving average is below, the two lines are very close, and the intersection trend is more obvious. The staged direction of the broader market is still dominated by adjustments, and the death fork has seen a downward trend in early trading today.
2, in the volume trend, the direction of the long line is downward, the speed is faster, the direction of the short line is upward, and the speed is slower. In terms of volume trend, the stage orientation of the broader market is also adjusted.
3, according to the current market rules, the market at this time want to return to the stage of the upswing, you need to increase the amount of attack, while the market if the death fork rises, it may end the trend of phase adjustment. Therefore, if the market is able to turn red today, it will most likely change the trend of phased adjustment.

Comprehensive view: The stage of the market is down, and the medium-term direction is good. In a phased view, the market is still in a phased adjustment, and at the same time it is in the trend of the dead fork, and is also in the stage of choice. If the market wants to return to the staged upswing, it will need to rebound in the afternoon, and the index will need to turn red, otherwise the market will continue to adjust in stages. As for the afternoon, the possibility of a rebound in the broader market is slightly greater, and it may take Xiaoyin Xiaoyang all day. In operation, investors who focus on staged operations continue to sell high and low, and reduce costs. If they can increase significantly in the afternoon, they can increase their positions and encounter a large amount of diving. Investors with medium and long-term operations are the mainstays. Position.

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                                                Fortunately and hesitant: Fortunately, it is the culprit to increase risk, and hesitation is the culprit of missed opportunities.
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                                                The stock market is profit-seeking; there are no good people. - Performance is king! [Sharing dividends; rising water]
Stocks are good companies that make more money, lighter debts, and lower valuations!
[The economy is strong, the competition is dynamic, the development is motivated, and the potential is rising]
I am optimistic about you! Weifu Hi-Tech 000581[State-owned assets holding and world-class German companies; strong alliance]
Keep up with the times! Committed to the automotive industry's energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligent electronic, new energy vehicle innovation development direction!
Flourishing! Thriving!
In the A-shares currently announced 3,542 listed companies per share earnings ranking [Top 33] basic earnings per share of 1.31 (yuan / share) [over three seasons last year]
[More is the strong double growth of A-shares] The year-on-year growth was 39.36%, and the growth rate was 5.36%.
In the third quarter of this year [the off-season is not weak; production and sales are booming; cars in August and September should not be sold continuously] is expected to exceed the 16-year full-year earnings per share of 1.66 (yuan / share) [returning 16-year dividends, net profit 36%Harvest is in sight]
The current price of 24.98 yuan (-0.91%) ranked 756; investment value highlights! [P/B ratio: 1.94 times, price-earnings ratio (moving): 9.50 times]
Great potential! Please pay attention![Sit and enjoy]
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                                                Strongly demanded the resignation of the chairman of Longzhou Co., Ltd., the market value of billions of companies to achieve 2.3 billion
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                                                It is now nearly 3,000 stocks falling.
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