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                                    Will there be a black Friday diving market?

Today's black Thursday is really coming. This is the second back-to-day trading day after the ladder-type heavy volume three consecutive days. Today, the high point of the Shanghai index is at 2915. This point is close to the short-term target of 2939 points judged by Jack. So lost, the intraday low of 2,875 points, than Jack in the early morning, the second point of the 2880 point low point lost, closed at 2882 points, closed above the MA5 support.

From a technical point of view, Jack continues to be optimistic about the Shanghai index to re-impact the 2939 target after returning to step on it. However, to complete this goal, he still has to experience ups and downs. Just as Jack decided to complete the 2845 goal, he stopped at July 12. 2844.19 points, and then staged the five-yin dynasty story back, in the second yang of Sanlianyang on July 23, the red Monday really achieved the goal of 2,845 points, this is the so-called "the future is infinitely good, the road is very tortuous".

After the third consecutive years, the reason why there is a stepping back, is the same as the driving factor of the five-day yin after the red Thursday of July 12, because the stock market has not changed the nature of the weak market, it still belongs to the technical rebound trend. And the amount of energy can still be repeated. This is caused by lack of confidence and uncertainty in the market. Basically, the stock market lacks continuous reasons for long-term short-term. Although there are continuous positives in the short-term, it has not been reversed. Previously, the stock market trend will still be a volatility pattern.

After today's black Thursday diving, there will be more than one inertia in the fall tomorrow, especially the inertia of the next day after the morning session. Today, the low-sucking variety at 2880 points in the intraday position pays attention to tomorrow. In the morning, when the time is high, the bag is safe; the long-term support of the Shanghai index is between MA5-MA7. According to today's closing situation, the point is 2876.05-2848.58 points. If you step back to this range, you can lower the position. .

On both sides of the market, the low-priced stocks that have surpassed today have become the protagonists of the market. The top 20 stocks in the two cities are all low-priced stocks below 10 yuan, and even the top four stocks are low-priced stocks below 5 yuan. It is a manifestation of the current trend of the stock market. The hot money is no longer speculating on the high-priced sub-new stocks. Instead, it is following the mid-year report of the mid-year report, which is speculating on a low-priced stock. The stocks with the characteristics of oversold and low-cost reduction/pre-increasing have become The main line of hot money speculation, the three characteristics of the two can attract the attention of funds, in other words, friends who want to operate in the short-term can pay more attention to the sniper opportunities of stocks with such characteristics, the need to bitterly emphasize is - now still belongs to Short-term technical rebound market, only suitable for fast-forward fast short-term mode, can not fight.

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                                                Low-priced quality stocks worthy of attention:
 1.002354 Tenjin Entertainment, the company's management set goals to enter the world's top 10 games in the next 5 years, this year there are 20 games listed, the current market value of 8 billion, with more than 3 times the value-added space, the subsidiary Oasis gaming platform has great potential, Oasis Games Oasis Games obtained KPMG and Facebook are among the top 50 leading brands in China's sea-going companies in 2017, and are expected to become the world's gaming platform! Also holding 30.28% of DotC is one of 57 unicorn companies worldwide. Mobile Internet platform service Aisi Assistant has occupied 60% of the domestic iOS third-party mobile assistant market share, and the additional price of 23.21 yuan per share at the end of last year.

2.600966 Bohui Paper, the famous management master became the general manager of the company, the company's performance has increased significantly, 17 years of earnings per share 0....
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                                                Cycle stocks? Do not! Steel is already a bullish stock! Future performance bullish stocks! !
Published on 2018-07-27 06:31:42
                                                "Steel" Why is your performance so strong? Why have you been on the verge of losing money for a decade and there is a clear cycle? In fact, the steel industry is a pillar industry of the country, because steel is originally a consumer goods, infrastructure needs a lot of steel, people need housing, and there will be more and more cars on the road, all of which need to consume steel. However, due to the disorderly development of the steel industry in the past ten years, and the lack of a voice in iron ore, the price of iron ore has risen five times in the decade from 2003 to 2013! Generally, 1 ton of pig iron is produced, and 1.5-2.0 tons of iron ore is needed. Therefore, in the past ten years, China's steel industry has not only lost money but also has a clear cyclical veil. The supply-side reform has carried out the clean-up of China's steel industry, and has brought the chaos of the steel industry's supply and demand, and restored the original face of the steel industry.
Shi Hongwei, a reform of the steel supply side, argued that the overall cycle of supply-side reform is ten years and is divided into two phases. The first phase from 2016 to 2020, the main goal is to make significant progress in the structural reform of the supply side of the steel industry, to achieve the fundamental relief of the whole industry; the second phase from 2021-2025, the main goal is to obtain structural reforms in the supply side of the steel industry. Significant results, to achieve a historic leap from China's steel industry from large to strong.
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                                                Although the index fell, but the market daily limit, the number of boards has hit a new high, can be more certain, yesterday is only profit-taking, that is to say, light index, heavy stocks are the current priority, too cautious but live up to the market. For short-term players, the opportunity is still on the new card position leader of low-priced stocks. Here, the change is sufficient, the number of boards is small, and the stocks are active.
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                                                Niubi, with black Thursday, how come there is black Friday?
Published on 2018-07-27 08:01:26
                                                Niubi, with black Thursday, how come there is black Friday?
Published on 2018-07-27 09:13:25
                                                You are stupid, every day, black week, a week, a Friday
Published on 2018-07-27 09:26:44
                                                More money may not be more fun, greed and tiredness have troubles; there are two things in the world that cannot wait, one is filial piety, the other is doing good deeds.
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                                                TMD China's stock market is not black except Saturday and Sunday.
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                                                This is doubtful, fall! It is the normal state of Big A, no need to question!
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                                                Everyday, black!
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                                                嘿A嘿, one or two 嘿, 嘿A嘿 one or two 嘿, the big river flows east!
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                                                            Cycle stocks? Do not! Steel is already a bullish stock! Future performance bullish stocks! ! 000932.000717.601003.
                                                At present, only steel stocks can take on the heavy responsibility of the support.
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                                                Black heard it on Thursday, now you have a black Friday? ? ? Which one to three is super black? ? ? Or is that black in your home? ? ?
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                                                Black heard it on Thursday, now you have a black Friday? ? ? Which one to three is super black? ? ? Or is that black in your home? ? ? laughing out loud
Published on 2018-07-27 13:49:24
                                                Black heard it on Thursday, now you have a black Friday? ? ? Which one to three is super black? ? ? Or is that black in your home? ? ? laughing out loud
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                                                The bulls' main oil-adding tactics will surely defeat the air again!
Since the beginning of this year, Zhongdeng company statistics, 72% of retail investors did not have a deal. (More than the number of customers leaving the market)
The remaining 28% are professional institutions and professional investors who can't get on the shore, and the remaining professional retail investors are still 70% short-selling short.
The bulls' main oil-adding tactics will surely defeat the air again!
Retail investors lose money at most, and large institutional investors are insolvent.
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                                                If you want to earn two cents, you have to endure the cost of being detained...
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                                                This is a bad stock market, 80% of the time is down.
Published on 2018-07-27 15:01:46
                                                Are daydreaming
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