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                                    The index may continue to adjust, focusing on individual stock market

Today, the index continues to adjust, which is also in line with our previous judgment. The market has risen for three days and has been adjusted back for two days. I believe that there are many people who can’t sit still at this time. Is it that the money earned in two days is lost in one day, so it is low-key. Some, after three days, it is not a bull market. The result is how it happened. It will fall again in two days. Today, the market fell below 2,900, and the GEM fell 1.6%. The index is difficult to see. It is impossible to expect the index to rise every day. ,Looking at the current trend, the index is still optimistic in the last two days, but for individual stocks, it may continue to be wonderful.

Judging the market index daily limit, Xi Leng also said, very simple, the index of the sector can rise, the market can rise, the index of the sector fell to a large market, do not want to go, to know who launched in front of the big rise, the bank, right, The new regulations for asset management, so the rise of big finance first, then the relaxation of fiscal policy, followed by the rise of the infrastructure sector,The big finances have risen, and the big infrastructure has also risen. The benefits are also realized.It is not easy for China to pay for such a ticket to dry up the onion. It is not easy for the two daily limit to rise. 20% for the large-cap stocks, and 20% for the three-month, and even ICBC is not good. The ringing rose 15%, what concept, you put the money in ICBC, 4% a year, 15% in three weeks is very good, and then it is really going to go up, the key is that there is no money to pull.

Today's focus on killing small and medium-sized enterprises, especially technology stocks, is falling, and the new stocks have fallen for several days. The theme of the market has lost all the market sentiment, and the profit-making effect has come down immediately. It is very unsuitable, and the GEM is big. Some of the reasons for the fall have also been said, new shares are issued, yes,The IPO is indeed speeding up, so it will take blood, so the GEM is very sensitive.First, fall and say, some new stocks can't hold back. It's no wonder that the Ningde era has plummeted in these two days. The second reason for the decline of the ChiNext is technical reasons. We said that the big Yinxian on June 19 is not so good. We must slowly digest the pressure and look at the trend of the GEM index in the past two weeks. We will always be able to break through, and a small negative will definitely go down.However, from a general perspective, the GEM seems to be a rising channel. The situation of the spiraling up has not changed for the time being, and adjustments are also good, which is beneficial to the later rebound.

Look at the ups and downs list, there are actually 76 daily limit stocks, but look at this figure, you absolutely can't think that today's index is falling, you can't think of the daily limit just by looking at the index, this is the problem, Be sure to think more, why? Simply put, the index is falling, and the stocks are rising. Not only is the daily limit a lot, but the overall ratio of increase and decrease is 1:1. It is reasonable to say that there should be a drop of 70%. This ratio is not normal, but the result is so, borrowing The above title is a wonderful stock.

In fact, the reason is not very well understood. First, the weight of individual stocks fell, the market index fell without any problems, the GEM plummeted and did not contribute to the index. These two days explain that it means that there is not much relationship between the stocks and the stocks. The reason is that recently, after the large-cap stocks and some theme stocks came out, they pulled another hot spot, and it is necessary to see the characteristics of today’s daily limit stocks. It is very obvious that low-priced stocks are, they are all 2 yuan. The cheap stock of 4 yuan of money, but also the oversold stocks, it is very clear, low low price, make up, even Jinya technology to withdraw from the market has a daily limit, it is a dollar of senile stocks It’s too crazy, it also gives us an inspiration.That is, the logic of funds is very clear. One plate is a round of speculation. Everyone has a share. The big rise is very small. It’s fair. This is the rhythm of good market. If it has been differentiation and differentiation, if It has always been a strong and strong, and if the weak is weak, there must be no big market. Without extremes, we can balance development and balance development can work together.

Today, you fall, it doesn't matter, tomorrow I am going up, now is this rhythm. What is the most fearful in this case, I have said that I am most afraid of chasing everywhere, I am likely to face many embarrassing situations.That is to buy a stumbling, selling soaring, so do not tamper when you can't figure out, lying down in the original place, pretend to die is also an art.

Today, the market shrinks, the GEM is heavy, this situation will continue to differentiate. The GEM will stop falling. There must be leading figures standing out. At present, the software has not been found. The Chinese software cannot afford the big responsibility. Who is next, depends on the funds. The choice, and then remember that the big market is no problem, Xi Leng calculated for everyone, 3000 points is the second goal,It’s only at the foot of the mountain, the good play is always behind, just a temporary break., grab a good stock to win the wonderful.

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                                                Cyclical stocks? Do not! Steel is already a bullish stock! Future performance bullish stocks! !
Published on 2018-07-27 06:23:36
                                                The infrastructure "steel cattle" Liugang has a new high! Goldman Sachs: Steel stocks rose at least 60%!
Steel infrastructure benefits the most! Don't say today, just another hundred years, the steel industry is still a pillar industry of the country.
The stock price of Valin Steel (000932) is less than 12 yuan. It is estimated that the earnings per share for the first half of the year will be 1.12 yuan to 1.19 yuan, and the performance will increase by nearly 3 times! The price-earnings ratio is less than 5 times, and the performance is too good! Really too cow! !
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                                                "Steel" Why is your performance so strong? Why have you always been on the verge of losing money for a decade and there is obvious cyclicality? In fact, the steel industry is a pillar industry of the country, because steel is originally a consumer goods, infrastructure needs a lot of steel, people need housing, and there will be more and more cars on the road, all of which need to consume steel. However, due to the disorderly development of the steel industry in the past ten years, and the lack of a voice in iron ore, the price of iron ore has risen five times in the decade from 2003 to 2013! Generally, 1 ton of pig iron is produced, and 1.5-2.0 tons of iron ore is needed. Therefore, in the past ten years, China's steel industry has not only lost money but also has a clear cyclical veil. The supply-side reform has carried out the clean-up of China's steel industry, and has brought the chaos of the steel industry's supply and demand, and restored the original face of the steel industry.
Shi Hongwei, a reform of the steel supply side, argued that the overall cycle of supply-side reform is ten years, divided into two phases. The first phase from 2016 to 2020, the main goal is to make significant progress in the structural reform of the supply side of the steel industry, to achieve the fundamental relief of the whole industry; the second phase from 2021-2025, the main goal is to obtain structural reforms in the supply side of the steel industry. Significant results have achieved a historic leap from China's steel industry from large to strong.
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                                                Although the index fell, but the market limit, the number of boards has hit a new high, can be more certain, yesterday is only profit-taking, that is to say, light index, heavy stocks are the current priority, too cautious but live up to the market. For short-term players, the opportunity is still on the new card position leader of low-priced stocks. Here, the change is sufficient, the number of boards is small, and the stocks are active.
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                                                More money may not be more fun, greed and tiredness have troubles; there are two things in the world that cannot wait, one is filial piety, the other is good deeds, and all are jealous.
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Lu Yin Investment, Yan Neng Shares, Suggestions!
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