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                                    Short-term adjustment is the most extreme area

The oversold low-priced stocks continued to ferment in the afternoon, and half of the 67 daily stocks in the two cities were below 5 yuan. At the same time, the superimposed infrastructure and environmental water affairs led the relevant sectors to move up; the second stocks were the weakest, and it was not difficult to find. Recently, the board stocks are basically low-end and severely oversold. The most typical one is that Steyr, which once evaporated 90% of the market value, has become a demon in the eight-piece board, which has also stimulated the market trend to quickly move toward low-priced stocks. In the historical trend, the high stocks make up, and the low-priced stocks are compensatory to increase. It is often the signal that the market is nearing the end. This time, the exception is still needed for further observation. However, it should be noted that large-scale migration of funds is likely to cause fierce turmoil on the disk, so investors should be cautious. In operation, the current upward trend of the index has not been broken, and it is possible to grasp the adjustment opportunity to pay attention to the long-term concern of the stocks with large performance growth in the large infrastructure sector, but pay attention to the position.

In the afternoon, the market continued to be weak and volatile. The stocks in the intraday sector continued to rebound and there were also supportive actions, but it was difficult to directly push up the index. The number of daily limit was more than 60, indicating that local areas were hot and the daily limit was maintained at single digits. Relatively healthy, but the overall disk as much as yesterday fell more and less, grasping the opportunity and operation is more difficult, in which the GEM and the sub-new sector suffered news suppression, but also the overall atmosphere is not ideal, patiently waiting for the opportunity of the three axes! Continue to pay attention to the main line infrastructure and popular stocks

We repeatedly emphasize that we should not chase after high. We would rather not miss it. After chasing the high, the quilt is the most passive. Especially the high ticket is basically the rhythm of watching the scenery on the top of the mountain. Therefore, in order to obtain profits, we must guarantee this. Gold security

In fact, in the era of high inflation and low interest rates, as long as it is not greedy, the annual income of the year can outperform bank interest. The key is to overcome the greed of human nature.

Today's GEM has a large decline, mainly due to the decline in technology stocks and sub-new stocks. After today's slump, there will be insufficient mobilization momentum tomorrow, and it is likely to bottom out. If you hold a small stock or a small loss today Some, balance the mind, the market: a whole day fell; GEM: also fell a whole day! Today is the general price of low-priced stocks, but the high-priced stocks of popular theme have been put into hell, but this is the time when the high-priced stocks of the US, China, and the stocks hit a record high. Gold is Chinese. People. People! Low-priced stocks can't support the market, only high-tech stocks are the future.

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                                                Cyclical stocks? Do not! Steel is already a bullish stock! Future performance bullish stocks! !
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                                                The infrastructure "steel cattle" Liugang has a new high! Goldman Sachs: Steel stocks rose at least 60%!
Steel infrastructure benefits the most! Don't say today, just another hundred years, the steel industry is still a pillar industry of the country.
The stock price of Valin Steel (000932) is less than 12 yuan. It is estimated that the earnings per share for the first half of the year will be 1.12 yuan to 1.19 yuan, and the performance will increase by nearly 3 times! The price-earnings ratio is less than 5 times, and the performance is too good! Really too cow! !
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                                                "Steel" Why is your performance so strong? Why have you always been on the verge of losing money for a decade and there is obvious cyclicality? In fact, the steel industry is a pillar industry of the country, because steel is originally a consumer goods, infrastructure needs a lot of steel, people need housing, and there will be more and more cars on the road, all of which need to consume steel. However, due to the disorderly development of the steel industry in the past ten years, and the lack of a voice in iron ore, the price of iron ore has risen five times in the decade from 2003 to 2013! Generally, 1 ton of pig iron is produced, and 1.5-2.0 tons of iron ore is needed. Therefore, in the past ten years, China's steel industry has not only lost money but also has a clear cyclical veil. The supply-side reform has carried out the clean-up of China's steel industry, and has brought the chaos of the steel industry's supply and demand, and restored the original face of the steel industry.
Shi Hongwei, a reform of the steel supply side, argued that the overall cycle of supply-side reform is ten years, divided into two phases. The first phase from 2016 to 2020, the main goal is to make significant progress in the structural reform of the supply side of the steel industry, to achieve the fundamental relief of the whole industry; the second phase from 2021-2025, the main goal is to obtain structural reforms in the supply side of the steel industry. Significant results have achieved a historic leap from China's steel industry from large to strong.
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                                                Broken, will the A-share SSE go to 2000? Will the WTC reach 1000?
Financing disk is careful, you can pay attention to 002682
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                                                Although the index fell, but the market limit, the number of boards has hit a new high, can be more certain, yesterday is only profit-taking, that is to say, light index, heavy stocks are the current priority, too cautious but live up to the market. For short-term players, the opportunity is still on the new card position leader of low-priced stocks. Here, the change is sufficient, the number of boards is small, and the stocks are active.
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                                                Soaring cattle stocks Xiling Information Xinlong Health Lion Technology
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                                                Oversold rebound can not last, small positions patiently capture short-term opportunities
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