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                                    Two city stock indexes test key support levels
                                        The inertia of the two cities opened lower, and the GEM index opened the most. The long-term energy ratio is not out of control and the stocks and sectors are eliminated. It is a reasonable fluctuation range. It is recommended that investors adjust the third trading day. They can continue to explore the low-end opportunities and gradually replenish the operation of the stock-selling spreads.

The index time-sharing inertia adjustment formed the first three-wave killing structure. Pay attention to the key support defense lines of the two stock indexes. If the support signal is given, the stocks can be operated with low suction.

The killing in the morning is the process of digesting the three bad interests. In addition to the reform of state-owned enterprises and the reform of central enterprises, the funds continue to speculate in Ningxia, Tibet, Tianjin, and Shanghai. Today, it is hot. Near midday, the two cities bottomed out, the Shanghai index turned red, and the growth of the GEM narrowed. Intraday housing leasing, military industry, steel and other sectors have been pulled up. Technically, after the market continued to follow the Zhongyang line for 3 consecutive times, the adjustment began. Although the market did not fall below the 5-day moving average, today the market opened slightly lower and broke the 5-day moving average, indicating that the late market will also step back to the 10-day moving average. 2850 points nearby, so the market callback has not yet ended, but the off-site funds have just entered the bottom, there is no profit space at present, the probability of the main fund withdrawal is not large, so the market is back to step on the opportunity.

The time-sharing divergence rebounded, and the time-sharing formed a V-shaped trend. There have been speculations in the early stage, and it is not appropriate to chase at this time. And I saw that there is a direction that will be adjusted in place to usher in the timing of the layout.

On the whole, in the morning, the whole market has gone out of a trend of rebounding, and the digestive market with bad news has begun to regain its good position. On the whole, the market risk is not big, and more is a stock opportunity to continue to wait for the direction of funds. , light index, heavy stock

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                                                Xiaosan must not raise stocks and buy financing targets. The big drop is these targets. The quilt pays interest every day. If it falls, it will be a violent position. Now the potential of low-priced stocks is huge.
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                                                Fangda Carbon's performance exceeded expectations and skyrocketing
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                                                Now many low-priced low-priced stocks that have fallen very badly in the previous period have started continuous daily limit. This is the mainstream of recent fund speculation. In the near future, heavy stocks and light operations are the right thing!
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                                                After the interim report, Antai Shuanghuan's P/E ratio fell below 2 times! ! !
*ST Antai (600408) annual report earnings per share of 0.7-1 yuan to double the hat!
Antai's main business profit for the first half of the year is 300 million + debt restructuring exemption 249 million ≈ 550 million yuan
Sustained disclosure in the semi-annual report Potential low P/E ratio stocks surfaced Securities Times 2018-07-20
*ST Shuanghuan is expected to achieve a net profit of 340 million yuan to 360 million yuan in the first half of the year, according to the median dynamic price-earnings ratio of 1.89 times, the lowest price-earnings ratio; Yibin Paper's latest dynamic price-earnings ratio is 230.71 times, and its net profit for the first half of the year is expected to increase by about 86 million Based on this, the dynamic P/E ratio is 3.71 times; *ST Yihua expects net profit of 210 million yuan to 250 million yuan in the first half of the year, and the price-to-earnings ratio is 4.8 times according to the median.
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                                                This rise is essentially different from the previous rebounds, and the obvious policy has begun to turn.
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                                                The stock market is as deep as the sea, changing like a face. It is also difficult for a god to enter the stock market. We can only do 95%, and no one can do 100% accuracy. Therefore, investment needs to be cautious, risk is ranked first, and it is not terrible to miss the opportunity. It is sad to fall into risk. I would rather miss it and not take risks. V Remember to remember!
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                                                000926 Fuxing shares today rose against the market and hit a new high, the stock is about to accelerate, you can buy a heavy position and wait for the skyrocketing
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