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                                    This concept is the short-term daily limit concentration camp!

Disk overview:

The theme has been so warm these days that you can't believe it. 2, 3, a lot of piles, the shell resources to fill the leading green court investment out of the trend of 10 days and 8 boards, 2 points in the morning after the high opening shocks all the way high, the end of the day closed the daily limit. The investment in the alloy is also a full-scale heavy-duty sealing of 4 consecutive plates. The company's shares are oscillating in the whole day and the 4th board is closed. In terms of artificial intelligence, the leading sleek electronics has been shipped all day long, and the source of innovation, Jin Zitian is opening a word. In terms of repurchase and Crystal Technology, the word is fried, and it is more obvious. The second new Jinli permanent magnet is a bright spot today. It will quickly open on the 3rd board, and Xingrui Technology and Great Wall Securities will follow the wind.

This concept is the short-term daily limit concentration camp!

Overall view:

The index opened a consecutive mode this week, and it rallied yesterday. Today, it is directly sprinting and the volume is rising. The GEM is up 4.82. From the rhythm point of view, this wave of themes is still in the first stage. On Monday, Hengli Industrial has a high probability of resuming the card, and whether the subject matter market can be deepened depends on the performance of Mr. Heng Li. However, one thing is clear, the good news is frequent, and the market is moderately bottomed.

Tomorrow's operational strategy:

Potential to connect with the ancient:

Hengli Industry, 7 board, shell resources, Tuesday pull the board to stop, a few days after the green court investment to fill the warm, Monday, the probability of a major resumption of trading, a word board probability, want to hang a single chase board on Sunday night can be.

Green Court Investment, 10 days and 8 plates, shell resources, complement faucet, under the boost of the atmosphere, pull the plate again at the end. On Monday, Hengli Industrial resumed trading, and the green court teacher’s life was not so good. The goods were sold early, and the goods were not chased.

Jinli permanent magnet3, board, new, 3 consecutive days are fast seconds, there is a certain change, but the height of the meaning is more concentrated, or that sentence, Monday, when the goods arrived at 10 o'clock, no goods do not rush to chase Now, this wave of market needs to be consolidated.

Jidong Electric Power3, board, oversold rebound, change the shape of the board to go very beautiful, Monday premium will have, but the board is difficult, cautious relay.


The review and operation of the watch is only the author's own feelings and ideas. It does not make any stock recommendation, and does not constitute investment advice. There is no interest relationship between the author and the related financial products. The stocks are risky and need to be cautious when entering the market.

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                                                3 yuan low price, 3 times price-earnings ratio, performance reversal, performance surge, undervalued, patiently held, doubled caps!
Several coke stocks: equity, 18 years and three quarters results and stock price comparison
Meijin Energy: The share capital is 4.1 billion, the third quarter is 0.28 yuan, and the stock price is 3.9 yuan.
Bao Tailong: The share capital is 1.61 billion, the third quarter is 0.17 yuan, and the stock price is 6.2 yuan.
Shanxi Coking: The share capital is 1.43 billion, the third quarter is 0.9 yuan, and the stock price is 9.5 yuan.
Shaanxi Black Cat: The share capital is 1.25 billion, the third quarter is 0.16 yuan, and the stock price is 6.3 yuan.
*ST Antai: The share capital is 1 billion yuan, the third quarter report is 0.57 yuan, the stock price is 3 yuan, and the cap is doubled and only 6 yuan is up twice as long as 9 yuan!
The short-term performance of 0.57 yuan is good for the cashback, just like the recent short-term rise in the short-term gains of stock losses of more than one billion. Time is a good friend of Antai. The closer it is to the next quarterly report next year, the closer it is to the annual report, the spring picking up the market will be ready.
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                                                Securities stocks Long Yilong Erguohai Securities (000750) and Southwest Securities (600369) callbacks are expected to be the second wave of rockets next week. . .
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