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                                    When the market is going well, don’t change stocks frequently.

On November 2, 2018, after yesterday's high retreat, both cities closed today and the closing price was the highest. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 70.24 points, up 2.70%; the Shenzhen Index rose 299.74 points, up 3.96%; the small and medium board index rose 239.75 points, up 4.72%; the Growth Enterprise Index rose 6.95 points, up 4.82%. However, in the case of the market's market is so gratifying, some stocks are not as good as the broader market, and even a few stocks finally receive the Yinxian.

Today, we mainly share the feeling of a real experience: when the market is going well, don't change stocks frequently.

I still remember that in the year, when stocks soared, you never got to the rhythm. You have been chasing up and down, being busy, and finally failing to get the rewards you deserve.

I still remember that year, the market erupted, you always buy the daily limit board, but did not really have a daily limit, and finally did not get the ideal expectations;

I still remember that year, you were so angry that you always felt that your stock was not good, but after a share swap, they all rose in the same way;

Remember how many good shares you missed?

Remember how many times you regret that you should not change your stock?

Well, now you may face the same problem,

Today, the market has risen so much, and its stocks are not moving, and some even have a slight decline, such as Huafang shares;

Looking at the unbuy stocks has been rising, is your heart really balanced?

The answer is yes, I am also a little uncomfortable; but rationally tells me that I should stick to it. Only by persisting, I will not lose watermelon, sesame, and even sesame. In the vicious circle; it will not make the index lose money at the end.

The previous experience tells us that we should persist, then how can we do it, or persist?

The method is very simple. We don't want to watch the disc all the time. The longer we look at it, the more annoying. It is better to choose to watch together after the end of the week, or to watch it every night after the close, and decide the operation plan for the next day; if the stock does not go out of its own expectations, then Just leave it alone, let it play freely, and maybe there will be better results.

Whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway. When the market is going well, don’t change stocks frequently, there will always be unexpected gains.

This opinion does not represent the content of the platform. It is only used as a personal opinion. It is not used as an investment basis. It is risky to enter the market. Please be cautious when investing!

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