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                                    Can a big A four Lianyang and the market be able to ride a dust?

Today, the two cities collectively gapped higher, the GEM opened 3% higher, the trend of cattle, the city's red disk 3000, the green disk less than 200, the index's opening situation is very fierce, but the performance of individual stocks will be more general. From the morphological point of view, the lower position of the arc has appeared more obvious. The market re-accepted the Changyang line and stood on the 30-day line. In the later period, as long as the quantity can not be seriously shrunk, the market index may further increase, because there is not a lot of incremental funds entering the market. In the future, this part of the funds will continue to enter the market, so if the market has a step back, there will be a big Funds come into play.

In terms of sectors: super-brands, entrepreneurial components, insurance, oil prices, brokerages, telecom operations, and intellectual property rights are among the top gainers. The two cities have begun to pull up. The big BOSS is very powerful, and the big rebound has gradually opened.

(Artificial Intelligence) Technology stocks led by artificial intelligence, stimulated by the news, and suddenly emerged, bursting out of the tide. The short-term sector will be divided, but there will still be a lot of stocks continue to rise and close. Therefore, in operation, remember to go weak and stay strong, and weakly change. I believe that this theme should be the birth of a leader, at least will go out of a stock of 4 or more. Try to hype around this section in the short-term, small plates and super-subjects.

(Oversold) Oversold includes the shell concept, repurchase, state-owned rush and other oversold stocks. At present, it is mainly expressed in the concept of surrounding the shell. The shell concept was diverted by artificial intelligence as scheduled, but the linkage of the plate is still good.,and alsoThere is a complement faucet to meet the leader's exit. This section, due to the outbreak of new subject artificial intelligence, the old theme will slowly fade away, so this is the end of the hype, and will be repeated later, the low stocks have opportunities. But the meat is not very big. If you pay attention to the shell concept stocks, you should pay attention to the seesaw effect of the technology stocks and shell concepts.

The structure of the market is currently a strong pressure area, and it cannot be broken in one breath. Therefore, we must still be sensible, and the weak stocks will be cashed in, and weak in the short term. What we have to do now is to take stocks that are not up to limit, and then wait for them to step back!

Offshore RMB against the US dollar pulled up more than 100 basis points in short-term, approaching the 6.91 mark. The Hang Seng Index expanded more than 2% and returned to 26,000 points, refreshing more than a week high. The Asia-Pacific stock markets in Europe and the United States have risen, and the stock exchanges have been linked. Although there are many high-openings today, it is easy to step back and repeat the moves in the intraday, so we must seize the mainstream to eat the meat. Yesterday, I also told everyone that technology stocks will definitely become a new hot spot in the market, and that hot spots will be the leader.

(The communication sector has been adjusted today, but there is definitely a chance for short-selling before 5G comes out. This section has not died, but the plate rotation is not in place! No need to worry!)

(Because of the amount of energy, software, 5G these sectors will be pulled up by the seesaw, and now the market is rebounding, do not easily get off the bar to hand over the chips, the rebound will not rise every day, there must be a After the plate is rotated!)

(The power stocks have risen in the market, the hotspots are constantly switching, and the continuity is very poor, so don't tamper with it. Although the market has risen sharply, the main line is becoming more and more vague and safe.)

(The natural gas is pulling up, but it is not mainstream, so it can't be radical. The mainstream is now the smart stocks and technology stocks led by the GEM!)

(Multiple shares of shell resources are strong in the morning, then weak, and the previous heavyweights are also weakened, so once there are new hot spots, the old hotspots will die, and the funds will come out from the old hotspots. The heap inside the hotspot, this is why we must catch new hot spots, new mainstream opportunities!)

The current rebound, there is a small level of divergence, the current index rebound is like driving, the opening is too fast to stop the car, then the accident is more dangerous. If you move forward at a constant speed, you can respond in time to stepping back. Therefore, the index will accelerate to rebound, and the stimulus will not be stepped back. Once you step back, the strength will be relatively large, so it is recommended that you grasp the band rhythm of high throwing and low sucking! Don't trust what bull market has started. The next week's trend depends on the news this weekend. The news is overwhelming. If you know what the national leaders are saying, you will know where the hot spots are next week. Yes, there is a direct relationship with the news!

Published on 2018-11-03 10:01:52
                                                2647 points is the bottom of the policy, 2449 points at the end of the market, the identification is completed, do not entangle!
Published on 2018-11-03 10:32:24
Wind rises and flies 666 :
                                                            2647 points is the bottom of the policy, 2449 points at the end of the market, the identification is completed, do not entangle!
                                                The SSE did not rise before 2772, you said this is not the end! ! !
Published on 2018-11-03 11:29:27
                                                4 Lianyang lost a total of 8,000 losses
Published on 2018-11-03 13:11:27
                                                China's strong military strategic aircraft carrier leader China's manufacturing king returns
600150 China Ships China's best potential stock in China's capital market, China's manufacturing has become China's creation. The development mission of CSSC is to "serve the national strategy, support national defense construction and lead the industry development". The development vision is "to build the world's leading marine technology." "Industrial Group", the industry direction is "marine defense equipment industry, ship offshore equipment industry, marine science and technology innovation application industry, ship offshore service industry", building a world-class powerful navy for China, new chairman Lei in July this year When Fan Pei took office, the only ministerial leader of the central enterprise to serve as the chairman of the company may have major events and inject military assets. The Chinese military aircraft carrier king returned.
Published on 2018-11-03 13:35:37
                                                Securities stocks Long Yilong Erguohai Securities (000750) and Southwest Securities (600369) callbacks are expected to be the second wave of rockets next week. . .
Published on 2018-11-03 19:00:22
                                                It’s much more valuable to tell the truth than to sing a song!
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