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                                    Go high and go high, don't be excited, A shares are warm and cold!

Today witnessed the power of a phone call!

The index closed, the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 2.70%, the Shenzhen Component Index closed up 3.96%, the small and medium board index rose 4.72%, the GEM index rose 4.82%, and the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 3.36%. In addition to the sporadic 70-year decline in stocks, more than 3,400 stocks in the two cities have all received dividends; among them, 85 have daily limit, and nearly 400 have won more than 5%. On the weekend, the second day of trading in November, the Shanghai and Shenzhen karaoke highs, actually sang better than the high-pitched horn of the square dance.

Go high and go high, don't be excited, A shares are warm and cold!
Go high and go high, don't be excited, A shares are warm and cold!

After the close of trading on Thursday, we misinterpreted the short-term interpretation of the broader market, which led to the departure of the short-term warehouses that were bought at the beginning of the week. Today's gaps have risen in addition to the mid-line orders of the precious metals sector, and there are no other surplus positions. And because of Friday's sake, there was no buying action when the early retracement was opened. Therefore, today's big rise is like an outsider to me. However, now I have developed the habit of writing logs every day. The article is updated as usual, and I hope to communicate with my friends about the outlook of the market.

Today's big jump is divided into two stages, the first morning's gap is higher, and the second is the afternoon's pull. After yesterday's close, the fundamentals continued to release positives. The private enterprise symposium led the Chinese and American leaders to ease the trade conflict. The two major news gave birth to today's high opening and high play. Due to the warmth of the policy, today's rising protagonist turned to the small and medium-sized, the small and medium board and the GEM index rose more than 4.5%. However, if we study the linkage between index and individual stocks with stringent standards, it is clear that the growth of individual stocks today is still behind the index.

In terms of quantity and energy, the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets have steadily expanded in the past few days, accompanied by funds going north, especially today, the capital of the north is close to 18 billion, which is very tempting in terms of numbers. The Shanghai Composite Index hit a high of October 22nd and closed the Xiaoyang line. With the gap in the gap, it rose by 70 points today, the highest in the week. After the V-shaped reversal on October 19th, I gave the view that A-shares will rebound in about three weeks, and starting from the law of the 2018 weekly decline, the high probability of this wave of rebound will still appear in the The third week of the rebound (that is, next week). However, for the changes on the road to rebound, we have no way to speculate, especially in the current stage of the steady market policy, the short-term can only be seen and seen. After the close today, the Shanghai Composite Index was first suppressed and then raised. The weekly line went back to the top of the previous week. As long as there is no change on the weekend, there will be a high next week.

Although it is said that this week's warm winds are blowing, but now it is in the winter of A shares. Therefore, the current position of the A-shares is still rebounding. The same as the previous ones, the rebound will not change the overall trend; the difference from the previous ones is the strength of this policy. After a long period of decline in the market, the 2449 of the Shanghai index is expected to be the last policy of the current round of the fall (the first two are 3000 and 2700 respectively). However, this does not mean that the market will be arrogant. After the policy is proved, it needs to wait for the bottom of the market to appear. There will be a long buffer time between the two. Therefore, after the end of this round of rebound, the market will see a new low. The operation of this period must adhere to two principles: first, pay attention to eating phase; second, understand convergence.Next week is the node of this round of rebound. Yesterday and today, there are no more things to say, and friends who are still chasing up in these two days, short-term warehouses must be shipped next week, avoiding the time node market changes. risks of. Rest assured, there are opportunities for speculation in the future A-shares. Looking at the current index and stock price, don't worry about not getting a chance to get on the bus.

The index has risen continuously, but be careful that the taste of the bull market you smell may be full of burdock!

In the sector, the rankings of the increase list are changing every day. Today, the civil aviation airport, the fund heavy warehouse, and the social security heavy warehouse sector led the gains. The precious metals and gold concepts saw the smallest increase, but no sector fell. In the afternoon, there was a wave of rapid rise in the banking sector, and Jiangyin Bank opened the board after hitting the daily limit. Next week, we will continue to pay attention to the concept of precious metals and gold. Tonight, the US non-agricultural data is released, and it is expected to once again help gold to consolidate the mid-term outsole.

to sum up,Conducive to skewers, high open home cooking; index rose up, individual stocks Jinlian broken steps. This week, first and foremost, next week is the time point of the third week of rebound, and the index is suspected of fraud. Short-term warehouses must be shipped next week, and the risk of time nodes should be met first;The sector focuses on the concept of precious metals and gold, and can do medium-term plans!

PS: People's Insurance will enter the market, can you keep it safe? Amen!

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