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                                    Late night, good for the short-selling A-share blows the counterattack horn

The A-shares were finally eagerly agitated, and the overall volume of the stocks soared. The net inflow of funds to the north reached 18 billion, a record high.

On Friday, under a lot of positive stimulus, A shares opened sharply higher. The Shanghai index faced the above 30-day line repression. After the consolidation, the weight of the afternoon power broke through and continued to attack. It began to cover the gap and closed up 2.7%. The GEM is even stronger. After the gap opened higher, it partially compensated for the gap below. It rose in the afternoon and closed up 4.82%.

The swell of the renminbi has spurred a sharp increase in the civil aviation airport sector, and the Huaxia Airlines wordboard and Eastern Airlines have opened up significantly. At the same time, it stimulated a large inflow of foreign capital. Today, the net inflow of funds to the north is 18 billion yuan. The market for big white horses broke out. The food, liquor and home appliances are the strongest. The cash flow of these white horses is very abundant, and the repurchase is also a good hand.

In the afternoon, a wave of banking, insurance and real estate rose strongly. The SSE 50 index quickly rose and the index broke through. The market was attacked, and the brokers were the first to benefit the brokers. In the futures, Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said that he would explore the promotion of the listing of RMB foreign exchange futures, Hongye, China, and Melya.

At this private enterprise symposium, most of the front row of the seats were technology-based enterprises. The signals revealed by them were very obvious, and the technology companies were the key support targets. Today, 5G, chips, artificial intelligence, big data and so on have soared. For the oversold technology stocks, Jia Ge has continued to promptly.

A-shares rose again, and market confidence returned very well. Nearly 3,400 stocks in the two cities closed up, with only 8 stocks falling more than 5%. Not only A-shares, the Hang Seng Index closed up 4.21% today, the biggest one-day gain in nearly seven years.

A-shares and Hong Kong-style services were able to rise across the board. In addition to the continued positive policies, there was a bigger positive in the middle of the night. Around 23:00, CCTV news released that the top leader should have an ordinary phone call with US President Trang. The market generally expects trade problems to improve.

According to market data, the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar and offshore RMB against the US dollar rose at a rapid rate. Today's futures market agricultural products and crude oil futures fell sharply, and investors' expectations have become very obvious. The A-shares broke out under this heavy weight. According to people familiar with the matter, Trump hopes to reach an agreement with China on trade issues at the G20 summit in late November.

From the perspective of the official media, we can also find some signs. After-hours Xinhua International Time Review: The development of Sino-US relations should be a consensus, and it is believed that it can promote a mutually acceptable solution. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in the evening that the two heads of state did talk about Sino-US economic and trade relations during the call and had some common views. If you can reach an agreement, A shares will usher in a repair market, and how to fall back.

Up to now, the offshore RMB has recovered 6.87 against the US dollar. It has risen more than 1,000 points on two days and the bears have been blown up. Still fantasizing that the renminbi broke "7"? Once the trade problem turns around, the renminbi will continue to appreciate and foreign capital will flood in. This phenomenon has already occurred today, and the capital inflows to the north have reached record highs.

In the short term, there is a high probability that there will be more good news about trade issues. As an A-share investor, the short-term A-share market will continue when it is not ready to rush. It’s too early to get on the bus, and hesitated and finally became a man.

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                                                I feel that the old Pu is to choose a battle. Even if there is progress, you can give up!
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                                                Short-selling, if you want to play the dead, you must learn to play A, and always drop from 10 yuan to 1 yuan, too cattle.
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                                                Be careful: after the enthusiasm, a chicken feather.
Posted on 2018-11-03 09:26:37
                                                The Hang Seng Index fell back at a high level!
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                                                In the beginning, I will "create a new high in history" and create a "historical high".瞪 瞎 瞎 !!
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                                                Changsheng Biotech Co., Ltd. is devastated, challenging the bottom line of the Chinese people and producing fake vaccines. Such companies must close down! In 2015, CITIC Securities lost its natural and unreasonable bottom line, colluding with foreign investors to be short-selling, causing serious stock market crashes. Such companies must be condemned and must be closed down! Delisting!
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                                                Chinese people have an impression; Americans have a word [annoying],,, ffwc,,,
Published on 2018-11-03 11:48:50
                                                Chinese people have an impression; Americans have a word [annoying],,, ffwc,,,
Published on 2018-11-03 12:26:01
                                                Continue to fight, fight those who die
Published on 2018-11-03 13:25:43
                                                Securities stocks Long Yilong Erguohai Securities (000750) and Southwest Securities (600369) callbacks are expected to be the second wave of rockets next week. . .
Published on 2018-11-03 14:52:46
                                                The words of the institution will always listen
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                                                The market does not stand on the 2900 points of the GEM and does not stand on the 1500 points. The financial crisis will break out at any time. Real estate can't export and earn foreign exchange. It will be a pile of mud, and it will all be finished.
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                                                Chinese military strategic aircraft carrier leader China made king return
600150 China Ships China's best potential stocks in China's capital market, China's manufacturing has become China's creation. The development mission of CSSC is to "serve the national strategy, support national defense construction and lead the industry development". The development vision is "to build the world's leading marine technology." "Industrial Group", the industry direction is "marine defense equipment industry, ship offshore equipment industry, marine science and technology innovation application industry, ship offshore service industry", building a world-class powerful navy for China, new chairman Lei in July this year When Fan Pei took office, the only ministerial leader of the central enterprise to serve as the chairman of the company may have major incidents and inject military assets. The Chinese military aircraft carrier king returned.
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                                                Monday's full line daily limit
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