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                                    Hot money is active again, it is good and risk

Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have not been able to maintain the high opening trend in early trading, and have fallen back in the afternoon. The three major stock indexes have all closed in green. The various sectors that led the market in the early stage have all fallen back. In particular, the brokerage sector has become the main force to kill. In the end, the Shanghai stock market fell 0.22%, Shenzhen stock market fell 0.7%, and the GEM fell the most, down 1.2%. The transactions in the two cities continued to shrink, with a total turnover of less than 300 billion yuan. In terms of sectors, energy equipment and snack foods were among the top gainers, while precious metals, brokers and airports were among the top losers.

Today's market (Thursday, November 8)

Hot money is active again, it is good and risk

Close at three points

1. Balance is always fragile

This afternoon's fallback, although there are not many adjustment points, it gives people a feeling of discomfort, reminding everyone to pay attention. The Shanghai and Shenzhen Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market Index were in a weak balance of the 5-day moving average during the four trading days of the week. For the stock market, the balance is always a fragile state. Today, it falls below the 5-day moving average. The overall weak balance seems to have been broken. Everyone should pay attention to the situation tomorrow, if the downward trend is established. So, be cautious and put it in the first place. After all, the recent rebound, the profit is increasing.

2, hot money is active, it is good and risk

Recently, in the market, many of the hot money that I used to know have rushed out of the rivers and lakes, especially in the restructuring stocks and ST stocks. On the one hand, we can say that this is an active market performance, and more and more funds are in the future of the recognized market; but on the other hand, the active participation of hot money also means an increase in risk. How to look at the hot money, there are a few business departments they often have to pay attention to, to give a few examples, a certain securities Shenzhen Yitian Road business department, a certain company Beijing Jianwai Street business department, a certain security Hangzhou Feiyunjiang Road The sales department and so on, seeing these on the Dragon and Tiger charts, shows that the hot money is working.

3,To sort out the rhythm of this round of rebound

This round of rebounds began with brokers, followed by new shares, followed by restructuring stocks, small-cap stocks, and currently hot spots are not asking for it, you did not sing, I will debut. If along this logic can continue, then the market will continue to heat up, to observe, if they all stop, or there is no new connection, there is a fault, then we must carefully rebound into the adjustment. This is a sign that everyone should pay attention to.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to chase the high!

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