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                                    Be careful, the demon faucet is being watched!

Remember the $300 billion Unicorn Placing Fund in early June this year?

It is to cooperate with the CDR war fund issued by the unicorn, mainly to welcome Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi and other companies to return to A shares, participate in these "unicorn" CDR investment, and participate in the domestic unicorn IPO. Therefore, the CSRC approved six fund companies to tailor the strategic placement fund for a three-year closure period.

After the establishment, the market fell wildly all the way, the industrial Fulian is also directly broken, its market liquidity is in a hurry, so the market pressure is very large, the unicorn emergency brakes, and even the overseas CDR is suspended. So the fund has not been operating.

Four months after its establishment, the funds were finally released, and they were allocated 314 million shares of PICC strategic placement shares. When the fund was issued, the advertisements were overwhelming and the text bombings were said to be good for the unicorn.

Now buy people directly, saying that PICC is not a unicorn.

However, although the fund did not operate, but from another angle is to escape the stock market disaster, no loss is to earn, I guess everyone is also balanced.

Be careful, the demon faucet is being watched!

Explain two reasons:

1, the down trend can be evaded is a ability, to learn to advance and retreat, cattle short bear long, empty time reflects how much your strength, and avoiding the main drop is a kind of happiness. 2. In the capital market, all things that are expected to be consistent should be vigilant. When the Unicorn Fund was issued, someone asked me if I could buy it or not. I said this.

The reason is very simple. In the 3-year closure period, there are too many variables.


The leading demon stock Zhongheng Industrial continued its daily limit today, creating an eleven-plate record, but the intraday exchange also received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

As early as October 30, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a statement: to reduce unnecessary intervention in the transaction, so that investors have sufficient trading opportunities.

But then again, this operation seems to be no problem, because the village chief only said to reduce intervention, but did not say no intervention. But I think it's a bit of a superfluous thing. If the company violates the rules, it will be directly penalized. I know that the exchange's intention is to suggest risks, but in other words, the intervention has caused artificial fluctuations. The most typical sudden stepping on the pedal is so high. The position is easy to step on, but it increases the risk. Secondly, such a rise can at least allow many people to get rid of it. In addition, since people who dare to chase themselves, they should naturally understand the risks involved, so the people who buy them must have mines or radicals.

In the midst of a sluggish market, hot money speculation can often bring popularity to the market. It is said that to prevent the stock market from skyrocketing and plunging, I find that there is a set of prevention against the skyrocketing, and it is never effective to prevent the plunge.

Although Hengli Industrial closed the daily limit, but a group of younger brothers appeared in the frying board, be careful about these speculative too high stocks.


China Railway Corporation confirmed the plan for the listing of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is the only high-speed railway in China that has been profitable for four consecutive years. For example, this year's revenue is more than 20 billion. Just finished the people to protect this giant, come one more, behind there is the science and technology board, registration system...

Long oil has resumed listing, but is it delisted? Zhonghong shares, which are less than one yuan delisting, are still arguing, and Changsheng Bio has also staged the sky floor today.

[large-scale research and strategy]

These days, the market is relatively boring and shock-oriented. In the past two days, there has been a rise in the intraday trading, but all of them have fallen back. The main reason is that the main line banks and brokerage companies are in the adjustment rhythm. There is no weight to support, and the market has to break through. .

In addition, there is a gap under the small and medium-sized innovation index. The gap below does not cover up. The market is hesitant to do more funds. Personally, it is not a bad thing to make up the supplement.

Everyone here has to accept the fact that it will repeatedly oscillate.

If the mid-line position, as long as the defense is set, the market will not be patient with the adjustment of August 1 and 2. If it is short-term operation, it will operate according to the trend of individual stocks.

Be careful, the demon faucet is being watched!

Judging from the trend of the broader market, the broader market will break through again in the vicinity of the 10-day moving average, and the short-term will continue to operate, and then continue to hold the position mainly, and the pace will slow down. The principle is: slow in and out (reporting more thinking, stop profit and loss should be decisive).

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                                                The nerve is in trouble!
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                                                The rise of the nylon industry! Shenma shares 600810 - in the cusp!
2018 (2nd) Nylon Industry and Downstream Application Summit Forum
November 28-29, Ningbo, China
New materials, new technologies, new applications, focusing on automotive engines, electronics, rail transit
Industry information 饕餮 feast ------ the latest market analysis, material innovation and the latest development of special engineering plastics
Focus on downstream focusing applications ------ focus on downstream modified engineering plastics, focusing on the most direct and real needs from terminal automotive engines, electronic appliances and rail transit
Distinguished speech by authoritative experts ------ brainstorming, in-depth discussion, a hundred schools of thought, clear and deep
High-level convergence to expand the network ------- look at the upstream and downstream, match the bridge, truly achieve one-on-one exchange negotiations
In the new economic era, "God horse" is rushing!
Rongsheng has a top 128 earnings per share for the first three quarters!
Survival of the fittest; survival of the fittest;
Please pay attention, join the bargain to make more money!
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                                                Ask: 002072 Kairuide stock long-term horizontal volume in the 6 yuan up and down the obvious, the total share capital of 180 million; characterized by the total market value is not long-term heavy volume average 15% / day, around the people said that the stock at the bottom long-term heavy volume do not know in What to wait for, with short-term value (shell resources). Ask everyone to point out that this stock will become a bull stock in the future? Please give suggestions, thank you. Note that I am asking for advice, not recommending not to believe in his words, to remind the stock market that venture capital needs to be cautious.
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                                                The registration system has come, and it has to fall sharply. The Shanghai Stock Exchange will soon reach 1600 points, and the GEM will be 800 points.
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                                                002165 Hongbaoli shell resources plus Kechuang, the current price of 3 yuan successor Hengli
The major shareholder is Jiangsu Baoyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Baoyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd. was registered and established on November 23, 2001 in Nanjing Gaochun District Market Supervision Administration. The legal representative is Qi Jinggong. The company's business scope includes investment in science and technology industry, asset restructuring, and business management and management.
Among the top ten shareholders are Nanjing High-tech Venture Capital Nanjing Baocheng Enterprise Management Center (Kechuang Plus Shell)
Jiangsu Baoyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd. 13100.92 24.84 A shares Others unchanged
Nanjing Gaochun State-owned Assets Operation and Control 2879.53 5.46 A shares Others unchanged
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                                                It is crazy to make it crazy, willing to go crazy with it, can't play and naturally close the game; people who are afraid of falling with madness and sorrow can only learn the stock sea through the "elimination"...
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