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                                    Be careful, dangerous signals appear

Hengli Industrial has achieved 11 consecutive successes and set a recent record, just like a dazzling star in the city.

Be careful, dangerous signals appear

This is a masterpiece of the hot money after the relaxation of supervision.

This is not the first time it has happened. This has been the third time since the beginning of the gradual strengthening of stock market regulation.

The result of each relaxation is the retaliatory "counterattack" of the hot money, the demon stocks are born, and the subject stocks are rampant.

The background of each relaxation is not the liquidity of the stock market, and it is hoped that the popularity will be activated through hot money. But it turns out that this is only a cheaper hot money, can not save the market, the fall or fall.

But before this difference, this time it was a bow and there was no turning back.

Since the official launch of the stock market to activate the stock market, a series of measures have been introduced, including restrictions on suspension, allowing the market to return to normal; the exchange also claims to stop window guidance and account suspension.

This short-term, I want to change my mouth, it is very difficult. This also means that the ability to bind hot money is greatly weakened.

Today, SJS sent a letter of concern to Hengli Industry. However, Hengli Industrial opened the daily limit and continued to seal the daily limit.

Be careful, dangerous signals appear

It’s useless to call directly before, now the attention letter can scare the hot money?

This class of hot money is more like trying to find out the bottom limit through Hengli Industry. It is estimated that it will continue to be carried out.

If you let this kind of practice, the last thing left is a chicken feather; and in the end, it will only be those junk stocks and hot money.


There was another news yesterday, *st Yufu received a special jiekun fund placard.

This is the sale of dog meat with a sheep's head. It is hoped that the current hot spot will attract people to accept the goods.

Be careful, dangerous signals appear

From the low point to the present, the increase has been 164% faster, and it is obvious that funds will operate early.

*st Yufu belongs to the Chinese Technology Department, and its major shareholder is still being investigated. The previous 28 down limit boards are the reason.

This class of funds is also kind of, and it is blatantly coming from the ground, and it is also confusing the name of the enterprise.

*st Yufu, the performance continued to decline, the texture is not awkward; let's say that the stock price has been rising, there is a good solution.

Be careful, dangerous signals appear

Strictly speaking, the fund that cites St. Yufu is not really a fund for relief, the main investor, or their own.

This also gives a wake-up call, and strict supervision of the formal relief fund is necessary, otherwise it will only become a tool for the operation of Zhuanggu.

If the local government's relief funds are used on such a main, it is better to send the money directly to the investors.


The day before yesterday, the famous Secretary of the case was formally closed without charge.

Three years ago, GZ, Sidu was regarded as the chief culprit of GZ, and was suspected of shorting the stock market and was investigated.

Among them are not only domestic securities leader CITIC Securities, but also the world's second largest strategic hedge fund Citadel.

This special period of supervision is also normal in foreign countries. At the time of the US subprime mortgage crisis, it also extensively investigated short-selling behavior and severely punished vicious shorts.

This acquittal is more a signal of goodwill to foreign investors.

Recently, the suspension of regulations and the reduction of trading supervision are all reducing the non-marketization interference of the stock market, which is in line with foreign stock market standards.

The purpose of these points to a point:Snatching international funds!

At present, the effect is still there. These policies have just arrived, and MSCI will discuss the increase in the proportion of A shares, or it will attract 80 billion US dollars.


Now, A-shares are facing the challenge of marketization.

In order to attract foreign capital, it must be fully market-oriented; but full marketization will make speculation and Zhuanggu stocks once again become the wind, making the stock market a feather.

It is the east wind overwhelming the west wind, or the west wind overwhelming the east wind, which determines the future of the A shares.

What is certain now is that the marketization of the stock market is the general direction.

We can only expect more medium and long-term funds to enter the market, and ultimately can dominate the rules of the stock market, allowing the stock market to return to the essence of the service economy entity; rather than purely speculative money, otherwise the stock market will eventually be a feather.

I declare that I am not denying speculation and hot money.

Without speculation and hot money, the stock market has no liquidity and vitality; but to form a sustained upward stock market, it needs to rely on the growth of high-quality companies and the increase of medium and long-term funds.

Both can't be neglected, everything is a degree, once it is over, there are problems.


Yesterday's article was deleted, I reposted it, which is about the recent market.

With the stability of US stocks, the external environment of A shares will also stabilize.The follow-up trend is mainly to look at the internal situation..

Now, A-shares are in the process of transitioning from the bottom of the policy to the bottom of the market. In the absence of economic data,The trend of the market is more a game of policy and emotion..

This determines that the market is very unstable. The rise of hot money will increase the differentiation of stock funds and make the market more sustainable.

From a trading perspective,The disk looks very active and the actual trading is more difficult..

If you understand this paragraph, today's trend, you will not be surprised.

The external stock markets are all strong, how should we go, or go, nothing more than a high opening. The stock market seems to be weak, but there are still 76 daily limit, but most of them are junk stocks and concept stocks. Most of the stocks have fallen.

This is what I said before. The stock market will present a state of "death and timid, starving and timid", which is not good.


Today, the Shanghai Stock Exchange broke the warning line prompted yesterday and can continue to lighten up. This is my second time to lighten up.

The rebound of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is weaker than a wave and it is very dangerous.

Be careful, dangerous signals appear

This position is prone to plunge unless it is pulled up strongly. Everyone should be careful!

Published on 2018-11-09 07:48:24
                                                Regardless of the market endurance, everything is set according to the established, I am afraid it will also deviate from the track of the market economy.
Published on 2018-11-09 06:22:30
                                                The rise of the nylon industry! Shenma shares 600810 - in the cusp!
2018 (2nd) Nylon Industry and Downstream Application Summit Forum
November 28-29, Ningbo, China
New materials, new technologies, new applications, focusing on automotive engines, electronics, rail transit
Industry information 饕餮 feast ------ the latest market analysis, material innovation and the latest development of special engineering plastics
Focus on downstream focusing applications ------ focus on downstream modified engineering plastics, focusing on the most direct and real needs from terminal automotive engines, electronic appliances and rail transit
Distinguished speech by authoritative experts ------ brainstorming, in-depth discussion, a hundred schools of thought, clear and deep
High-level convergence to expand the network ------- look at the upstream and downstream, match the bridge, truly achieve one-on-one exchange negotiations
In the new economic era, "God horse" is rushing!
Rongsheng has a top 128 earnings per share for the first three quarters!
Survival of the fittest; survival of the fittest;
Please pay attention, join the bargain to make more money!
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                                                Ask: 002072 Kairuide stock long-term horizontal volume in the 6 yuan up and down the obvious, the total share capital of 180 million; characterized by the total market value is not long-term heavy volume average 15% / day, around the people said that the stock at the bottom long-term heavy volume do not know in What to wait for, with short-term value (shell resources). Ask everyone to point out that this stock will become a bull stock in the future? Please give suggestions, thank you. Note that I am asking for advice, not recommending not to believe in his words, to remind the stock market that venture capital needs to be cautious.
Published on 2018-11-09 06:54:01
                                                Yesterday, foreign capital in the north has a net inflow of 4.1 billion today! The funding for supporting the capital market is huge! On the strategy, continue to choose the bargaining brokerage sector and the infrastructure sector, don't worry about short-term fluctuations!
Killing chickens and monkeys is going to start this set of roads.
For the recent market, most investors still pay too much attention to short-term fluctuations, holding stocks with unsteady confidence and starting to kill. In fact, the recent large-scale continuous decline in the market is a clear dishwashing, through the slow-down structure to digest the profit disk and panic disk, intended to create conditions for breaking through 60 antennas.
Obviously, the broader market has begun to build a larger level of divergence. This divergence is achieved by the main funds being controlled by the suppression of the handicap. The leading pressure plate is the leading brokerage broker in the previous period, and the callback of the brokerage in recent days is the nature of Xiao Erlang. At most three trading days, it will lift the three waves. Therefore, current investors still have to stick to the medium and long term...
Published on 2018-11-09 07:09:29
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                                                Buy quickly, chasing teenagers
Published on 2018-11-09 07:48:24
                                                Regardless of the market endurance, everything is set according to the established, I am afraid it will also deviate from the track of the market economy.
Published on 2018-11-09 08:24:20
                                                China's stock market is very weird. Even the rising stocks are bad stocks with poor performance, many problems, and even being suspended by *ST. The name is “imaginary space is big”. In fact, the stocks with “imaginary space” are, the essential reasons. It is this kind of bad stock holders who are afraid of their hearts, have no confidence, have risen a little, and have quickly got rid of them. The hot money can quickly collect a large number of chips in a short period of time, and then take the opportunity to quickly rise, layer by layer, pull out ten daily limit. And why don't stocks rise? Because the hot money does not get much chips even if it gets two daily limit. Naturally, there is no way.
Published on 2018-11-09 08:25:33
                                                Are you greedy and greedy, managing your money? All adults, buying and selling, you are not on the bus, so the heart is not balanced
Posted on 2018-11-09 08:28:05
                                                It’s your selfish greed and chasing the wind that led to the rush of hot money, and the insatiable people
Published on 2018-11-09 08:58:37
N131313735618312 :
                                                            China's stock market is very weird. Even the rising stocks are bad stocks with poor performance, many problems, and even being suspended by *ST. The name is “imaginary space is big”. In fact, the stocks with “imaginary space” are, the essential reasons. It is this kind of bad stock holders who are afraid of their hearts, have no confidence, have risen a little, and have quickly got rid of them. The hot money can quickly collect a large number of chips in a short period of time, and then take the opportunity to rise rapidly, layer by layer, pull out ten daily limit...
                                                It’s really the same thing.
Published on 2018-11-09 09:16:54
                                                The person who is shouted by the stock is the scum, and there is no gambling.
Published on 2018-11-09 10:34:59
Published on 2018-11-09 10:54:41
                                                The landlord saw it high and fled.
Published on 2018-11-09 13:48:52
                                                Yimai Sunshine Imaging Hospital Group completed RMB 130 million B round of financing, and Zhongjin Capital led
Release time: 2018-09-18
On September 14, 2018, Yimai Sunshine Imaging Hospital Group announced the completion of the B round of RMB 130 million financing. The current round of investment was led by CICC Capital, and Xiaoyu Investment participated in the investment.
At present, Yimai Sunshine has become the company with the largest number of licenses for independent medical imaging centers in China. With the "national-provincial-regional" three-level investment and construction ideas, group operations, professional management, and technology-based connections, Yimai Sunshine has become an industry unicorn in comprehensive strength. It is aimed at the broad prospects of China's medical imaging market and the industry leading position of Sunshine Sunshine. After the acquisition of A and B rounds of financing led by Goldman Sachs and Baidu Capital, Yimai Sunshine has once again obtained CICC Capital and Xiaoyu. Investment favors. Hu Gang, vice president of investment and financing of the group, said that he has a deep influence in the capital market...
Published on 2018-11-09 13:59:38
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