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                                    If there is no bad, there will be a strong attack next week.

The trend of Xiaoyin Xiaoyang after Changyang is a steady climb. For this kind of investor, many investors can't understand it. Instead, they are easily out of the market due to the ups and downs in the short-term, and the stocks are frequently exchanged. One of the main reasons.

After a week of climbing, there is no real negative in technology, and there will be a strong attack next week. The reason for this is that on the one hand, the financial blue-chip is poised for growth; on the other hand, although the main line of innovation is divided, but the hot spot is spreading and orderly, the rebound is sustainable and reliable. More importantly, this week's climb is full of momentum, and next week's heavy upswing to win 60 antennas is the right thing to do.

In the recent market, the main stocks are strong, Hengqiang, the surface is to see the theme drive, in fact, it shows the obvious characteristics of the early bull market. The main sectors of innovation growth have broken through the decline channel, and the leading stocks have risen fiercely, but they still belong to the nature of the rising wave. After the return to the wave, the future will rise. The brokerage sector repaired the deviation from the market this week, and the leading stocks were basically in place. It is worth looking forward to the next week.

The specific trend should be subject to the firm, and should also consider the impact of the weekend factors. At the current time, it is the best time to introduce substantial benefits to help the market effectively break through the decline channel.

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                                                2 yuan more low price, 3 times price-earnings ratio, main business reversal, performance surge, value underestimation, double capping!
Several coke stocks: equity, 18 years and three quarters results and stock price comparison
Bao Tailong: The share capital is 1.61 billion, the third quarter is 0.17 yuan, and the stock price is 6 yuan.
Shanxi Coking: The share capital is 1.43 billion, the third quarter is 0.9 yuan, and the stock price is 9 yuan.
Shaanxi Black Cat: The share capital is 1.25 billion, the third quarter is 0.16 yuan, and the stock price is 6 yuan.
*ST Antai: The share capital is 1 billion yuan, the third quarter is 0.57 yuan, the stock price is more than 2 yuan, and the cap is doubled to only 5 yuan!
The closer to the next quarter of next year's report, the closer to the annual report, the spring picking up the market is ready for it.
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                                                There is no suspense. In the past two days, the big filial piety will come out and knock down.
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                                                At present, it is so strange to see the shrinking trend of the broader market, and it will definitely be low in innovation after the year. Wait and see!
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                                                Wutong Tree + Securities + Social Security + Huijin = Xue Lei Feng doing good things, pulling to 3,000 points, liberating the set of plates, to change defense?
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                                                            At present, it is so strange to see the shrinking trend of the broader market, and it will definitely be low in innovation after the year. Wait and see!
                                                Individual stocks are so active. You are still staring at the big woods all day long. It’s a good idea to choose a stock to do the right band.
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                                                There has been a lot of rebound in the outer disk. If you look around, it’s not appropriate to die.
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                                                Strong short-selling refers to futures! You dare to rise the futures to kill you!
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                                                Spring is on the road, don't freeze to halfway.
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