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                                    Individual stock market continuation
Today, the index opened slightly higher. After the opening shock, it was quickly pulled up by financial stocks. However, the brokers took the lead in diving, and the heavyweights rushed back to the next consecutive day. Since then, the theme stocks have become active, and the new stocks have continued to exert their strength in the afternoon. The index has rebounded and hit a new high in the day.

All day, the index opened higher and higher, continuing the overall rebound trend since 2440. On the disk, the heavyweights turned red but the performance was flat, while the theme stocks were strong. The new stocks led the gains in the afternoon and drove up the enthusiasm for operation. In the news, the regulatory requirements strengthened the research and publication regulations. This means that the securities research practice is regulated or modified; technically, the index fluctuates upward but the transaction begins to shrink, the upside momentum is insufficient, and the Shanghai index is still blocked by the downward trend of the channel, and there are repeated demands in the short term.

In general, the rebound of the 2440-point start has the following views: On the one hand, the rebound of 2440 points is more certain, and the current rebound trend and changes; on the other hand, here is temporarily characterized as a technical rebound under the oversold, but the policy Under the bottom and the low valuation advantage, the short-term rebound or more than expected; In addition, the structural stocks of individual stocks have gradually started to maintain a sustainable stock market under the position.Of course, the reason why there are reservations here is mainly the influence of various downward pressures such as the downward pressure on the economy, especially the wait-and-see mood of over-the-counter funds, the lack of momentum in the rebound of the market, or the core of the market that may not be sustainable. problem. Therefore, in the process of rebound, avoid chasing high, you should look for low-sucking opportunities in the callback.

In operation, remember to chase the high, the midline continues to choose the quality target for the layout, while the short-term can continue to play the stock game, while doing the bargain-hunting and the preparation of the position. On the specific target, low-value blue chip stocks and well-performing growth leaders can give priority attention.
Published on 2019-01-11 15:35:04
                                                2 yuan more low price, 3 times price-earnings ratio, the main business reversed, the performance surged, the value was underestimated, the cap was doubled!
Several coke stocks: equity, 18 years and three quarters results and stock price comparison
Bao Tailong: The share capital is 1.61 billion, the third quarter is 0.17 yuan, and the stock price is 6 yuan.
Shanxi Coking: The share capital is 1.43 billion, the third quarter is 0.9 yuan, and the stock price is 9 yuan.
Shaanxi Black Cat: The share capital is 1.25 billion, the third quarter is 0.16 yuan, and the stock price is 6 yuan.
*ST Antai: The share capital is 1 billion yuan, the third quarter is 0.57 yuan, the stock price is more than 2 yuan, and the cap is doubled to only 5 yuan!
The closer to the next quarter of next year's report, the closer to the annual report, the spring picking up the market is ready.
Published on 2019-01-11 15:38:16
                                                Is there a partner institution?
Published on 2019-01-11 15:39:19
                                                Is there a partner institution?
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