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                                    Patience here is more important than technology

[disc interpretation]After the market on January 11th: Today's market opened higher and higher, and a small Yangxian line was closed at the end, and the trading volume shrank. On the disk, superconducting concepts, fuel cells, satellite navigation, luxury goods, sub-new shares and other concept sectors were among the top gainers. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.74%, and the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.61%.

Technically, today's Shanghai Composite Index opened slightly higher and then oscillated in a narrow range above the 20-day moving average. It closed near the relatively high level of the day, and the market showed a narrow range of shocks. Today's market stocks rose more or less, (the number of homes increased by 1085, the number of homes fell 341), the highest intraday rushed to around 2554 points, the lowest reached around 2533 points.

[market analysis]Today's market is relatively mild, and the basic low-level contraction rebounds slightly throughout the day. During the intraday index volatility, some investors who were not determined were digested, and then stabilized and rebounded. The 5-day moving average has already been put above the 20-day moving average, which constitutes a certain support. The only shortcoming is that the volume during the rebound did not increase, and it is expected that the market will increase in volume next week. The stock market is a paradise for rational investors and a hell for investors who panic. So before coming to the stock market, let's see which category we belong to. The trend of 60 minutes shows that the shape of the bottom of the moving average is obvious. The KDJ has been seriously oversold and has formed a low gold fork. Here, a big Yang Xian is needed. The bottom shape of the weekly K line is becoming more and more obvious, and the charm fairy continues to maintain the medium-term rebound target above 3000 points. During the index volatility, we should not blindly chase the high. If the increase is too large, once the stagflation phenomenon occurs, you can find opportunities to take profits. Patience holds the low-end or long-started varieties.

[Patience at the beginning of the rebound is more important than technology]Recently, many investors have been unable to withstand it. When the market saw a slight rebound, other stocks rose sharply, and the stocks in their hands did not react. They continued to bottom out and began to panic, ready to throw away their low-end chips. Go chasing the stocks that have really pulled up or have already entered the final stage of the SSE. Here's a hint: firmly hold the low stakes in your hands, be more patient, and don't be tempted by the market.

[Operation Review]Short-term focus on short-term support at 2530, short-term pressure at 2590. Risks in the stock market are always coexisting with opportunities, pets are also calm, insults are also indifferent, and the current market is treated rationally.

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                                                2 yuan more low price, 3 times price-earnings ratio, the main business reversed, the performance surged, the value was underestimated, the cap was doubled!
Several coke stocks: equity, 18 years and three quarters results and stock price comparison
Bao Tailong: The share capital is 1.61 billion, the third quarter is 0.17 yuan, and the stock price is 6 yuan.
Shanxi Coking: The share capital is 1.43 billion, the third quarter is 0.9 yuan, and the stock price is 9 yuan.
Shaanxi Black Cat: The share capital is 1.25 billion, the third quarter is 0.16 yuan, and the stock price is 6 yuan.
*ST Antai: The share capital is 1 billion yuan, the third quarter is 0.57 yuan, the stock price is more than 2 yuan, and the cap is doubled to only 5 yuan!
The closer to the next quarter of next year's report, the closer to the annual report, the spring picking up the market is ready.
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                                                Bao Tailong: The share capital is 1.61 billion, the third quarter is 0.17 yuan, and the stock price is 6 yuan.
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                                                The performance growth is 20 times that of Maotai 10 times. The certainty is to increase stocks. The annual report market is the first choice!
The performance growth is 20 times that of Maotai 10 times the bank, the annual report market preferred!
The P/E ratio is the lowest in the multi-shares with soaring performance, and the highest in the P/E ratio.
At present, there is only a price-to-earnings ratio of 8 times. The annual report will increase sharply before and after the pre-increase. The performance will increase by a multiple. Xinhecheng currently has only 9 times price-earnings ratio. The annual report will increase sharply before and after the increase. Now it is the bottom of the gold.
In the first half of the year, when the main products fell down, the performance still surged nearly twice. In the second half of the year, the price of the main products doubled, and the production capacity increased sharply. Among them, the PPS capacity increased by 3 times, and the performance should increase more times. Currently, it is only 9 times. The price-earnings ratio will increase sharply before and after the annual report is expected to increase.
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                                                Lying dead for three years.
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