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Published on 2019-01-11 16:11:52 Share it web version
                                    Concussion wash is too hasty or lure!

Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rebounded first and then rebounded. The two days of the index hesitated, so that investors are also in a dilemma, but foreign capital continues to bargain A shares.

Observing the disk surface, I believe: 1, the Shanghai stock market closed out the trend of the Yang K line, basically in line with yesterday's blog post "return to wash the disk for the upswing momentum" view. On the daily chart, the MACD indicator line and the KDJ indicator line become the golden fork resonance state, showing the corresponding level of rebound and the upper impulse kinetic energy; the stock index above the 21-day moving average has the impact of the 34-day moving average according to the principle of “reporting system” (2561) Point) and the desire for the 62-day moving average. However, the 5-week moving average (2534 points) temporarily turned into a downward trend, with a downward reaction to the stock index received above; the MACD indicator on the 60-minute chart showed a top divergence phenomenon, indicating that the market was again pulled up and faced the corresponding level of decline. Adjustment. Therefore, it is considered that the market is not completely washed, and it is more attractive. The short-term rebound of the stock index will be countered by the 62-day moving average to counter the gap opened on Wednesday.

2, the Shanghai market market 30 minutes chart MACD indicator green column shortened and KDJ indicator line gold fork upward divergence operation, showing short-term rebound and upper impulse kinetic energy; 34-day moving average temporarily into downward operation, suppressing the rebound of the stock index; It is believed that the market will be inertially rushed next Monday, and then pulled back by the traction of the 34-day moving average downward reaction, and then pulled up slightly.

3, next Monday, the Shanghai stock market pointed to the rebound in the intraday pressure position is 2568 points and 2580 points, the strong pressure is 2593 points; the downward adjustment of the intraday support is 2539 points and 2526 points, strong support The bit is 2509.

Recommendation: From the analysis of technical indicators alone, the 34-day moving average and the 62-day moving average of the Shanghai stock market have respectively turned into downward trend, which has suppressed the rebounding stock index; the MACD indicator on the 60-minute chart has a top divergence phenomenon, indicating that the market is again pulling up. Corresponding level of fallback adjustment. Therefore, it is believed that the rebound of the large-cap stock index will hit the 62-day moving average again and will be short-term high, and the stock index will be more likely to rebound and then re-enter the gap opened on Wednesday.

(Personal point of view, for your reference only, don't be the absolute basis for stock trading in the hands, the stock market changes are difficult to measure, everyone in the actual operation, according to the changes in the disk.)

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